Martin Clunes comes to grips with fish, convicts and a real-life Robinson Crusoe in Islands of Australia


See The Sydney Morning Herald for fun article with lots of photos of Martin Clunes, written by Sarah Thomas. He seems to be having a jolly good time.

“It’s safe to say that Bear Grylls doesn’t need to watch his back.

“As British actor Martin Clunes takes in 16 of Australia’s 8220 islands for a new three-part documentary series, he is perhaps not the most steely of adventurers.”

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“In Australia, Everyone Is Funny.” So Says Martin Clunes

The Australian’s Max Brearley sat down with Martin Clunes for this entertaining interview.

People know you from Doc MartinMen Behaving Badlyand a raft of other shows. What draws you to presenting nature documentaries? 

Martin Clunes: I love the fact that I don’t need to put a costume on, have any makeup on, learn any lines. I just get up and go. I used to worry that I’d lose a bit of stock in the day job, because if people see me cropping up as myself how would they believe that I’m anyone else? But the two things are the perfect complement to one another. I’ll keep doing both while I can get away with it.

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Your Chance to Appear in “Doc Martin”

According to the Blackmore Vale Magazine, Martin Clunes is donating a walk-on part in “Doc Martin,” to be auctioned at the Butterfly Ball, on Saturday, October 15, in support of the children’s hospice. Read all the details at:

Martin Clunes “incredibly proud” as Buckham Fair raises record-breaking £90,000

This year’s Buckham Fair tallied up its highest amount ever–£90,000! The proceeds will go to support Weldmar Hospicecare and Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare Centre, in honor of the Clunes’ horse groom, Lulu Covey, who died in a car crash last year.

An event of this scope requires an intensely dedicated team and community supporters, as well as visitors–who come from all over the world. Read the details about this year’s Fair and see cool photos of Martin in his fair regalia in the BridportNEWS at

I had the great fortune to attend the Buckham Fair in 2014 and will tell you that, hands down, it is the best fete around the globe. Held literally in Martin Clunes’ backyard, dogs, horses and people show up to be greeted by Martin and his wife, Philippa.  The star of “Doc Martin” shakes hands, chats and has his picture taken with anyone brandishing a camera. Here’s our photo from 2014. I think you can tell what a hospitable host Martin is with everyone he meets.


Martin Clunes Voyages around the Islands of Oz

The West Australian’s Pam Brown interviewed Martin Clunes about his three-part series on the islands of Oz. Brown points out that a staggering 8,220 islands, strung like a necklace, surround Australia, and notes that Martin Clunes has flown, sailed and even kayaked out to 16 of them in search of exquisite scenery, colorful characters and, at ties, sombre history.

In the article, Martin describes his feelings about the islands57e500ee74417_b88241599z-1_20160923180908_000_gd4mtjh9-2_1-1bua07e: “And the island communities . . . I know you get isolated communities all over Australia but there is something about an island’s hard-edged boundary, it means a journey and crossing of water, either by sea or air. It just ups the ante on the community spirit and actually, in my experience, far from being claustrophobic it is only ever a good thing. There is a sense of support and of meshing people together and I know in hard or tragic times people are supported by that place and community.”

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Martin Clunes’ 3-part Series on the Islands of Oz Airs October 3 in Australia


Martin Clunes is in Australia to promote the three-part series–“Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia”– which airs October 3 on Seven in Australia. Dates for the series to air in the UK, America, or other countries have not been set yet.

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