Martin Clunes Talks about the Power of Being a Horse-hugger

Martin Clunes is supporting the British Horse Society’s efforts to help turn around young lives through interactions with horses.

In an article in The TelegraphMartin Clunes talks about those efforts and why he personally believes horses can make a difference.

horse2-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqeo_i_u9apj8ruoebjoaht0k9u7hhrjvuo-zlengruma“For actor Martin Clunes few joys in life measure up to being hugged by a horse. Each morning he goes out to his stables on his farm near Beaminster, Dorset, and wakes up the family’s 12 steeds. Pausing at the stable door of Chester, his retired hunter, Clunes puts his arms around his great neck.

“’Chester puts his chin on my back and pulls me in for a cuddle. It’s the loveliest thing in the world.'”

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“Doc Martin” to Begin Shooting Series 8 in March

martin-clunes-1Metro has posted a brief clip of Martin Clunes being interviewed on the “Lorraine” show with his horse, Bruce. Martin says that “Doc Martin” will begin filming Series 8 in March and S9 in 2019. He adds, “That, as far as we know, will be it.” 

Although Martin has stated previously that S9 will wind up the series, his statement in the clip–“as far as we know”–offers a glimmer of hope that “Doc Martin” could continue. Or perhaps that’s just the wishful thinking of an “insanely addicted fan.”

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Also see Metro’s promo of the “Lorraine” show, entitled “Cheeky horse just won’t let Martin Clunes give an interview to Lorraine Kelly” at

Martin Clunes Announces “Doc Martin” Will End after Two More Series

“We’ll miss our grumpy GP,” wrote Digital Spy. 


I think all of us “Doc Martin” fans will agree with that statement. The good news is that we can look forward to Series 8 and 9 before the finale of “Doc Martin.”

I’m not sure why an end date has been set for the show. It’s still popular all over the world, and I believe many more story lines could be tapped to continue indefinitely. Oh, well, we’ll have to especially relish the next two series.

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People in the Tiny Islands around Australia Love “Doc Martin”

Martin Clunes is back in Australia promoting his series “Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia,” which is airing on ITV in the UK. He had this to say about his visits:

“My visit to Norfolk Island was quite extraordinary, because I had never felt so famous. It was like being one of The Beatles.” He said there was a crowd of fans at the airport screaming “Doc Martin,” as well as “We love Doc Martin” notices around the island. See all the stories and photos at the links below:


Daily Mail:  “Martin Clunes gets hero’s welcome on one of the world’s remotest islands because they are all massive fans of Doc Martin”

The Guardian:  “Shark tales: Martin Clunes dives off Western Australia”

Express:  “Doc Martin star Martin Clunes felt like ‘one of the Beatles’ on visit to remote islanders”

Win a day on the “Doc Martin” set with Martin Clunes

clunes984Martin Clunes, patron of the Dorset charity, TheHorseCourse, has donated a walk-on part in “Doc Martin” as part of a fundraising raffle.

Tickets are  £1 each or  £5 a book and are available until December 30, 2016.


Blackmore Vale Magazine provides details at:

Information is also available on The HorseCourse website:

Own All 7 Seasons of “Doc Martin” PLUS Neckerchief Signed by Martin Clunes

dm3A “Doc Martin” package is on a U.S. online charity auction to benefit WISH for OUR HEROES. The package includes:

  • “Doc Martin, Six Surly Seasons + The Movies”
  • “Doc Martin Series 7”
  • Neckerchief autographed by Martin Clunes at the 2014 Buckham Fair

DVDs courtesy of Acorn TV.

You can put in a bid for the complete package of treasured mementoes at