Answer to Question about Song Change

During Martin and Louisa’s “first dance” at their wedding reception, Rod Stewart’s beautiful “Sailing” sound track was changed to generic music in the U.S. version of “Doc Martin” (Series 6, Episode 1). I asked ITV about the reason for the change.

Philippa Braithwaite replied that there is a blanket agreement in the UK allowing producers to use any song for free, but outside the UK, the use of songs is very expensive; hence the reason for the change in the wedding song.


32 thoughts on “Answer to Question about Song Change

  1. Good job tracking down the answer, and it makes sense. I am very happy to find your blog for insanely addicted fans to Doc Martin – fits me to a tee and so glad to know I am in good company!

  2. The above states that the Doc Martin wedding dance song originally was Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’ in the U.K. and it was changed to generic music in the U.S. Can anyone tell me who the artist was (and/or song title for the music played in the U.S.? It was a beautiful song sung by a woman and lyrics such as, “I never fell so easily, as I did…” and “I just want to know you feel like I do..” Thank you.

    • Yes it is a beautiful song. I also want to know what the name of the song is and who sings it???? This is so frustrating.

      • Thank you Susan, I am so happy. Well done for finding this song. It is so beautiful. Enjoy your day. Viv

      • Thanks Susan for finally identifying the title to the song that M & L danced to at their wedding years later. My Heart is the name of the tune I have tried to download the tune on my phone through Spotify however not having the name of the artist it is very difficult to do. Maybe later the answer to who sang the tune will pop up. I am sooooooooooo glad that there will be a season 8 & 9. I am such a MK & LC Doc Martin fan. I just love love love this series. I just wish M would romance L a little bit. Show a softer side. I have never cheered for a couple to be together as much as I have for M & L. And, plz plz put him in a pair of jeans and a polo shirt every now and again.

      • Here is the original link of the song:
        [audio src="" /]

  3. I just saw the wedding episode last night and I have been searching for the name of the song since then without any luck. It is a beautiful song , I hope we can find the name.

  4. Sorry to all those who asked what the name of the song is in the American edition of S6E1, wedding dance. I have no idea what the name of the song is. It must have been inserted by some service that does that sort of thing. Apologies, but I have no connection to the people who do such things.

  5. There’s a whole cadre of composers who write generic “fake” pop songs. London is a big center of them. Some are quite good, but alas these people’s contracts specify that they seldom or never get credit, only their company. One of them I’d corresponded with many years ago is John Etkin-Bell; he now has his own songwriting biz called Liftmusic. I have no idea if he wrote the music but I’d bet it was a similar composer or company based in SE England.
    The most memorable for me was the early 2000s Applied Materials commercial with a group and song that sounded more like Oasis than Oasis usually did.

  6. Sorry to burst a bubble here, but the song referred to in the comments has none of the lyrics we can make out in the show. No one to my knowledge has been able to identify the song, and I suspect the brief snippet we here was done so there would be no copyright issues, perhaps by Colin Towns, the composer of music for the DM show. I’ve searched long and hard and so have several other DM fans who are really good at digging up info, and none of us have found it.

  7. I want to say that I love Doc Martin. I am even a bigger fan of Martin Klunes. I wish that the powers that be (writers) would input a little or some of MK into Doc Martin. The Wedding Song was very moving, I wish there had been a long scene with them dancing. But of course he had to ruin the moment by saying that it was evident that she never had dancing lessions. I wonder what he says to her as he looks down? Good job Louisa?

  8. I have listened to “By my Side” by April Pearl Kennedy. It is a very beautiful song. I am sorry to say that is not the song that Doc M & Lousia danced to. The music is simular as are some of the words. I can bet that is not the song. Pity.

    • Lydia Austin is right unfortunately “by my side” isn’t the song that appears during doc Martin’s weddning scenne.
      In my searching process I believed that an adaptation of “I want to know what love is” by Foreigner could be posible because of some correlations between the lyrics. But finally, of course I couldn’t find nothing concrete neither the good one. There’re only the covers by Mariah Carey and Tina Arena but both are foreigner’s song cover. How incredibly sad is couldn’t find that beautiful song

  9. I do not know if DM series is over or not. If so, being a HUGE HUGE fan of DM I am very sad, and disappointed. I feel cheated on so many levels. For instance, we fans never got a chance to see a storyline where in Martin & Louisa had a courtship or saw a romance develop. The song at there wedding I was told in a recent emailed was called “in my heart”. I wander who the artist was. Speaking of songs, I think that “You had me from hello” by Kenny Chesney would have been the perfect song for them. For the final show(s)? I would have loved them to show M & L celebrating their wedding anniversary dancing to the tune At Last by Etta James. Next morning they show M waking up with a hugh smile on his face. And for the show finale while the credits are rolling they show a family portrait with an addition to their fam. M, L, JH, & a little girl with jet black hair in M’s arms. The caption would read Doc Martin Happy at Last. JMO

  10. I come to find out their was never a song change of nothing of the sort.I have talked to the original writer of the song and He as given me a copy of the song.

  11. Will be watching for sure. Love this series! Nothing quite like it!! “My Heart ” was an absolutely perfect song for them .

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