Philippa Braithwaite, “Doc Martin” Producer


People have asked for more information about Philippa Braithwaite, the producer of “Doc Martin,” who is Martin Clunes’ wife. Here is a delightful video from 2010 that features Philippa and her husband talking about the show down in Port Isaac (fast forward to 2:35).

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10 thoughts on “Philippa Braithwaite, “Doc Martin” Producer

  1. series 6 cured me of my Doc Martin obsession. S6 has no wit or charm. the episodes are dark and depressing. J Penhale has gone from lovable to really stupid. Bert has become greedier and obnoxious; what is Jennifer’s attraction to him?? Martin now treats Louisa like he treats everyone else. And why did they bring his mother back??!!
    this show has gone from the best thing on TV to the worst!!!

  2. I am disgusted at the latest episode where the ‘doc’ diagnoses Parkinson’s disease. This was done in an incredibly flippant and cavalier attitude and it was offensive to thousands of suffers of this distressing disease. Would like to get hold of a direct way to write to producers (P. Braithwaite) but can’t seem to do so. Thanks for letting me air my utter disapproval.

  3. Agree with Miriam,Phillapa has great vision.Keep the Doc coming,great production of Arthur and George.
    Jane from Hertfordshire

  4. When is the sharp and ever aware Ruth going to notice that Louisa is a “class A” narcissist and call her on it? Louisa needs more help than Martin. At least he’s honest & true.

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