Busy and Bizarre . . . (S6E4) “Doc Martin” Review — “Nobody Likes Me”

Before starting on a round of busy and bizarre cases, Martin watches a video with James about a brain abscess. Louisa says: “I know it’s just shapes . . . but I’m worried the video is going to make a lasting impression.”

Martin: “Let’s hope so. This man’s one of the best.”

Then to James: “Concentrate.”

First patient is Mr. Moysey (Ronald Pickup), in for a checkup and prescription. “Your nose is bleeding,” says the “Doc.”

DMS6E4 photo 2“I must apologize for coming to the doctor’s with a medical condition.” Next day, still suffering from nosebleed, dizziness and aching joints, he returns to surgery. The “Doc” prescribes anti-inflammatories and tells him to come back in five days. “What if I drop dead before then?”

“We’ll cancel the appointment.”

The “Doc” diagnoses a man with an infected parotid gland, not mumps as the man feared. “Doc” has him bite on a lemon, which unblocks the calcium build-up. Prescription: Two glasses of fresh, lemony water every day for two weeks.

Mrs. Eddy checked the medical dictionary her tea club chipped in to purchase and determined she has a “dark pigment melanoma.” She wants the “Doc” to confirm her condition so she can make funeral arrangements. She and friend Ethel tattooed each other with an ink gun. The suspected “melanoma” is an infected lymph node, darkened by the dye from the tattoo.

In the waiting room (hey, “Doc,” what about patient confidentiality?), “Doc” rips off the plaster on Ethel’s chest – “See everything you want?” she asks. In addition to the infected tattoo, Ethel has a “rodent ulcer,” cancer caused by exposure to the sun.

Jennifer moves into Bert’s – “80 quid a week, in advance, cash wouldn’t be refused.” Her eye won’t close, and “Doc” learns she has injected herself with botox. He coats the eye with superglue to keep it from drying out and becoming infected. “The next time you feel inclined to inject poison into your system, please find a qualified practitioner to do it.”

Lunch time finds Martin heroically taking James to Minnie’s playgroup. When Minnie waves a dirty sock – rag puppet, in fact – in his face, Martin stands to leave, but James cries. Good sport that he is, Martin sits back down and is forced to pair up with Trace and Shana. Trace confides that Shana doesn’t grab hold of objects. “Child’s probably just backward.” (Well, after all, he’s not in surgery.) When Minnie drops off a photograph from playgroup, “Doc” notices the camera has captured red eye in only one of the baby’s eyes. Shana has a cataract and needs immediate surgery.

Ruth, who’s moved next door to Mr. Moysey, hears a crash and calls Penhale. Mr. Moysey has collapsed under a pile of boxes, newspapers and cans. Not only is he suffering from depression caused by the loss of his wife and sister, but the “Doc” also discovers he has scurvy.

At home, Louisa doesn’t realize that the clutter and noise are taking a toll on Martin. Is he about to crack.

Fine pacing in this episode keeps the many cases rolling. I give it a 95. thermometer 95


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