American Public Television DM Ratings

UPDATE March 25, 2014: See article, titled “Martin Clunes Hints about ‘Doc Martin’ Season 7 Story Line,” on the front page of this blog (

When Ian McNeice and Joe Absolom visited Boston to “pitch” the show to American Public Television, the two were interviewed by Current.Org. The interview includes a lot of interesting information, including these statistics.

“Stateside, the original British series is going gangbusters for local public TV stations . . . And during its fifth season in APT distribution, in 2012-13, its reach had grown to stations broadcasting to nearly 85 percent of U.S. television households.”

The article calls it a “global phenomenon,” stating that with just over 700 plays on 30 stations in 2007, the show has blossomed to more than 11,000 airings in 2010-11 and shot to more than 21,000 plays on some 330 stations last season.

Here is the November 17 interview with Ian and Joe as they pitched the show to APT:


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