Confessions of an Insanely Addicted Fan of “Doc Martin”

imagesI caught “Doc Martin” fever in the spring of 2013; and by summer, I looked into the mirror and said, “My name is Karen, and I am a DM addict.” In September, I took the first step in the healing process. I created a blog to talk about the addiction and help others similarly afflicted.

No cure exists, but I am learning a few things.

  • I am learning that the internet is not a superhighway, but a parallel universe. The wired world has brought visitors from more than 90 countries to my site. Thanks to these visitors, I’m learning the language of this universe — “Feedburner,” “Delicious,” “Google juice.”
  • I am learning to write FanFiction. “Christmas Memories,” my first ever short story, will be followed by “The Biscuit Lady” on New Year’s Day.
  • I am learning how kind people can be in their comments.  “Cool text dude, keep up the very good fiction, just shared this with the mates.”
  • I am learning that when a great show like “Doc Martin” — starring the amazing Martin Clunes and featuring a superb cast — touches the soul, you should just go with the flow and embrace the addiction.

12 thoughts on “Confessions of an Insanely Addicted Fan of “Doc Martin”

  1. You are spot on. Until a year ago, I had never heard of Doc Martin, Martin and Phillipa Clunes, etc. Now I know the name of his dogs, his horses, what he looks like naked (he seems to like to get starkers in his movies). There is no help for it except for a Series 7 of Doc Martin.

      • I just celebrated my 74th birthday, and I am madly in love with Martin Clunes, even though my oldest son is just 2years younger than Martin. My family and friends think I am crazy! Maybe so; I am certainly obsessed. I own all the Doc Martin videos, series 1&2 of Reggie Perrin ( I can’t find 3 on region one DVD! Help!); I also have one season of Men Behaving Badly, Dirty Tricks, Saving Grace, and Staggered, plus his biography and his dog book. Just yesterday I received the book (which I had to order direct from England) Doc Martin: Practice Makes Perfect. Yes, you could say I have an obsession, but it doesn’t hurt anyone,and it makes me happy. Thank you , Martin Clunes. I think you are wonderful, And I wish all of your work was more accessible in the USA.

  2. I’m also hopelessly addicted! I’m going w/ the flow and enjoying every minute. Thanks for your blog, and fan fics….I’m enjoying both.

      • I agree with Nancy. I an drawn to the character Doc Martin.I have seen him in other shows, such as William and Mary, Dirty Tricks, Men behaving Badly etc. Not impressed. Not like the way he plays Doc Martin. It would have been so nice if i met somebody like him in real life.

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