Martin Clunes Announces “Doc Martin” Season 7!

In an article in the The New York Times, Martin Clunes announces there will be a Season 7 of “Doc Martin” in 2015! YEAH!!


See this statement in the last paragraph of the article:

“The show will shoot a seventh season in 2015, but Mr. Clunes said that is likely to be the last one, given the challenges of not repeating story lines. ‘As much as I’d love to keep on doing it, I just don’t know if we can. It might become a soap opera.'”

Note: See Martin Clunes’ remarks about S6 and possible story line for S7, as well as all articles and FanFiction, on the main page of the blog:

678 thoughts on “Martin Clunes Announces “Doc Martin” Season 7!

  1. I love season 5 and 6 the most. They will start shooting season 7 in April 2015, – as it says on Old School Hotel web side in Port Isaac (what they are using as school in series.

    • Haha every night my husband and and I watch at least 2 or 3 episodes, we just saw the last one tonight and don’t know what we are going to do now. We miss it already and it’s only been 15 mins!!

      • At least we know another season is coming soon, S7 supposedly the last. What are we going to do then!!

  2. Such a great show…… heart aches for Martin who has so much to give and is a good man but cant let himself be what he wants to be which is a good husband, loving and a good hands on, fun loving father……….such a nice feeling to the show…love the scenery , love all the characters, love Ruth!! Please let Doc and Louisa stay together and be happy and open up to each other and for the sake of their beautiful baby boy too. It would be so much fun to see spisodes where Martin lets himself slowly release some of his emotions and become a fun father to James.

    • I’m hoping that they stay together also. I hear the filming of the new season is starting this month. I cannot wait !!!!

    • I agree please let this lovely family stay together . I hope Louise can learn to accept poor Martin . He loves her as she is and he lives James

      • I am looking forward to comments for Season 7. Look for our blog leader Karen in episode three, season 7. Don’t give up on Martin or Louisa. Are many of you watching via ACORN? I am, but will not be a spoiler for those who are waiting patiently.

      • Vi, I couldn’t take it anymore, so last night I subscribed to Acorn TV streaming services for a month so I could watch all the Series 7 episodes. (only 4 have been released so far.) I can’t wait for everyone here to see them so we can share our reactions!!!

      • Well perhaps you can give us a hint. Do the writers break our hearts and separate Martin and Louise? It would be a shame if it were so. I would like to see them have another child and in later seasons the children would grow up to be physicians

      • I don’t want to be “the spoiler” Bev. When I see our moderator, Karen G., talking about the new series, then I’ll know it’s OK to discuss here. Driving you crazy, huh? My lips are sealed until further notice!

      • I do agree with you. I also am very anxious to know about Season 7 but I want to find out the facts by watching it. Please everyone don’t spoil it. Let’s try to calm our anxiety down 🙂

      • I wonder when we in Canada will see S7…..I feel I have been waiting an eternity to see what happens next. I don’t suppose it will come out on DVD until each episode has been viewed on t.v.

      • Amazon is offering a season 7 DVD but it will not ship until December. I pre ordered one and am waiting for the DVD to be released and sent to me.

      • If you have an all region Blu Ray or DVD player you can order Doc Martin from Amazon UK and it delivers in November.

      • Thank you Mary L,
        I have already ordered season 7 from Amazon USA and it will be delivered as soon as it is released.
        I need to be patient.

      • I am smiling already as I read early comments from those who have ACORN. There are clues by Martin Clunes when he appears on UK talk shows and available on the Internet if anyone wants to investigate. But anticipation is worth the wait. Your local PBS channel will start showing episodes in January, DVD w/b released in December. Pleasant memories.

  3. I love love love Doc Martin. I am so glad they are doing season 7. Great acting, great characters and great story lines. I feel happy after watching this show, best show on tv.

  4. I finished watching Season 6 and was so sad that it was “the end.” On a whim, I looked to see if there might be a Season 7 and I am SO GLAD to see that there will be. I miss my friends in Portwenn.

  5. I am a physician and love it for depicting patients so realistically as well as more than a few stuffed shirt doctor peers.

  6. Dear God, Netflex addicted. Almost had heart failure when season 6 ended! desperate for Martin to say something to his wife and stay together. I have to have some tea now to settle my nerves. Big Fan!!!!

  7. Please hurry with season 7th- thank God I have dvr so I won’t go into withdrawl.I love the Doc
    and have learned so much from him medically that is. The Doc is so loving and it just needs
    to come out. You can see it whenever he looks at his wife and James. Best show ever! I just
    love this show and wish I lived there. lol-Please keep Doc and Louisa together.
    Jayne from LaSalle ontario canada

    • Amen Jayne! I feel the same way as you…I am so “ga-ga” over Louisa and so hope that Martin’s love for her comes out in episode 7 and future shows….

  8. Loving Doc Martin in B. C. and I am very happy to hear it will be coming back for Season 7…. hoping it continues with Season 8 too ! Such a beautiful series and the scenery is exceptional. Great cast !

  9. I need more!!!!!! I just searched and found there will be a season 7! I should never have let myself become addicted! Sheesh! Can’t wait!

  10. Just a note from “across the pond”… Write a happy ending to this well loved cast of characters. In a world full of sad stories, we would like to see happiness despite hardships! My entire family loves this series… Well done all.

    • I can’t believe they’ll give us anything but a happy or at least optimistic ending, maybe after S10. Let’s just ask that, after a ‘downer’ S6, writers bring the fun back to Doc Martin. Many of us are already asking for a S8 and beyond. Let’s not look for an ending yet, happy or otherwise!

      • Amen to that. Intense overkill on the downer thing if S6. We all need a balance of dopamine and serotonin now. 😄

      • Sorry, I’m dense. Don’t understand ‘intense overkill on the ‘downer’ thing of S6.’ Agree or disagree?

      • True, the end of Season six when Martin and Louisa faced each other, was not what the fans wanted, but recall, as he hid in the bathroom after the surgery, he had tears of relief and love. Hardly overkill, maybe disappointment . Now we await a new season and the hope that the little family will be even more secure.
        Whenever the producers decide to end the series, don’t forget the DVDs will always be there, like a favorite book, never really gone.

      • Couldn’t agree more, Remi, and thank you for the clarification. I’m a mid-westerner myself. Like others I’ve read, I was disappointed in all of S6. It felt as though the fun had gone out of my very favorite show. Hardly a smile cracked by anyone in 8 episodes; too dark, too much discord for my taste. I’ve learned to expect humor and fun from Doc Martin.

        For Vi, I have all six discs and will certainly reserve S7 as soon as it’s available. Am also watching weekly reruns of S6 on PBS. I’ve seen the entire series so often I can almost recite the dialogue. I just continue to hope that Braithwaite/Clunes&Co. will decide to continue the series, ultimately uniting Martin and Louisa happily. Would love to see return of some old characters, particularly Roger Fenn who seemed to achieve a real friendship with Martin. I love Aunt Ruth, she needs a romance! And Mrs. Tischel is another favorite, a hoot!

      • I agree with Ivan. If they had new writers for series 6 they need to beg the writers prior to series 6 to come back!!! Need to leave the dark side and come back to the light. We loved tge kind Martin and Louisa. Bring back the laughter and embarrassing moments for “The Doc” . Example: the first kiss with Louisa, the breakup, the other women chasing him, Mrs. Tischell back on the scene, more romance for Bert and Al, aunt Helen helps the doc with Louisa. Louisa needs to go back to hercompassionate and understanding side with the doc.. Please bring back the fun please……

      • Vi, I remember the bathroom scene after the surgery – tears of relief and love. And then the final line of the episode, and season 6, has Louisa thanking him for coming after her on the plane, and what does Doc say? He says something like, “I’m your doctor” and almost as an afterthought, “and your husband.” UGH!!!!! It was a perfect moment to show his deep love for Louisa and be a bit romantic, but he can’t quite break his old pattern of communication yet, despite his stated desire! Drove me nuts!!! I guess as a TV viewer I’m just too impatient for the change to happen, so we can have our happy ending. The biggest “downer” for me was the horrific car accident when Louisa was chasing down Martin after he behaved like an absolute ass at the field day awards. He was so uncooperative and caustic that I’d almost wished HE had been hit by the car! Maybe THAT would have been the catalyst for the changes he needs (and wants)!! If the Doc had to lie in a hospital bed bruised and broken for weeks on end, maybe he’d have time to find the softer side to himself!! Can’t wait for a Season 8 full of breakthroughs!

      • Inspiration, I agree with you 100%. It was disappointing not to let our Doc, for a few minutes, act like a husband. Great hopes for season 7 and beyond.

      • Sorry, Ivan, I’m probably using California-speak without realizing it. The constant hateful drama was overkill (overdone, trying too hard), so I’m agreeing with you. To the other poster who quoted me, don’t be silly. Of course hiding in a bathroom isn’t overkill, but that’s not what I claimed, now, is it. I was referring to an ENTIRE SEASON of blatant self-centeredness, going to every extreme to separate the main couple, even before the marriage has hardly had a chance to be established (even flying off to Spain), and then that (literally) bloody episode with blowing up the honeymoon suite, trudging through swamps and jungle, getting their heads almost blown off (and then threatening to do likewise), having the crazy guy crack his head wide open and then returning home, clothes and wedding gown drenched in blood and gore– I thought they might have gone a bit overboard. Most of the viewers of Doc Martin are PBS-natured people who enjoy the charm and relationships of gentle Port Wenn. If we got off on that other stuff, we could just rent a copy of Black Ops or Shoot the Zombies.

  11. Dee Dee, Ivan, Inspiration: All such great ideas: Roger was great; so are Bert and son. I want romance for Auth Ruth (brilliant add) as well, and more play of the excellent and hilarious actor Mrs. Tishel. Sure hope the producers are listening!

  12. YAY! Another season and I’m thrilled.Can’t hardly wait to find out what’s next. By the way, Is anyone else in love with Bert and Al Large? They are so adorable and those two have come such a long way. Ooh I Love Doc Martin. Again…YAY!!

  13. I am so excited to hear Seaso 7 is in progress! I love Doc Martin and will be so sad to see the series end. I am hoping for a miracle, that it will continue!

  14. Totally thrilled to see Season 7. I Love Netflix for having this show for people like me who scan Netflix to see what “five-star” shows are available. Doc Martin is one of them. After the first two episodes, I settled down for the next few weeks of bingeing. So sad Season 7 is the last, but looking forward to more British shows like this.

      • I can’t believe it Karen. Unfortunately I still can only watch until Season 6, not 7 😦
        Of course, as I’m outside the US, maybe they blocked it some way, even though I’m using American IP numbers to get the US version of Netflix.
        I hope someday I can connect to UK Netflix. I think it’s unfair even though we’re paying for this service, they don’t provide the same content to everyone.

      • Someday I will, but it’s quite expensive and out of my reach by now.
        Bottom line is, we are paying for a service, and should receive a full catalog. But no matter what connection plan you chose, they will only provide you part of the whole content. And what is even stranger is that the price is not different than the prices in the U.S. But well, no further options are
        available by now.
        Hopefully Netflix someday let us watch the whole content, even overseas.

  15. I’m in the same boat as all of you, folks! I started watching the show because it looked like it portrayed such a correct, protocolar, English man, and also loved the landscapes. Then I immediately hooked to Martin’s personality. Actually, it was shocky at first, but then I started to understand him right away. I can’t understand how some people don’t understand the plot. I mean, you can either like it or not; but I don’t see it hard to understand. I really got involved with this story, because I think there are a lot of Martins out there; people who are not necessarily rude, but can be seen as if they were so, and in fact they’re too shy or were brought up in a certain way that avoids them to show their emotions, or even getting in touch with their own feelings.
    And I’ve been loving those landscapes since I watched them on UK movies and since I watched Enya’s videos.
    My mother toungue is Spanish, but I’m bilingual now, and listening to the characters’ accent helped me improve my knowledge. I really like that culture, and I’m specially interested on how people live in places like Por Isaac. It looks such a lovely place.
    I’ve just finished watching Season 6 today and feel the same as you do.
    I even “hacked” my I.P. settings to be able to watch English Netflix from my Country, as this series is not available for Latin America.
    I can’t wait for the 7th season. I also agree with Clunes, despite I could watch this show forever, I think it would became a soap opera eventually. I think that happened to Emmerdale Farm, right? I haven’t watched it, but have read about it.
    I hope Martin keeps on showing his feelings to Louisa, and also Al and Morwenna should be together.
    I also love Ruth. She helped Martin a lot.
    Another great thing would be to see Martin finally get to the root cause of his hemophobia, and overcome it.
    I also found myself moved by the scene in which Bert asks Jennifer to marry him. I didn’t like his personality in the beginning of season 1, but I got to appreciate this character, and even understand him.
    These writers really know how to keep us interested on this show.

    • I agree with everything you posted but we could only hopeMartin would lighten up a bit- maybe a loving gesture or two to the babe and Louisa

      • Yes @Karen, I agree with you. I also hope that. I mean, it’s like when you watch a plot in which two characters have some kind of tension, like on the X Files, and then you realize if the sexual tension between the most main characters either got dissolved or came to a good conclusion (both of them becoming a couple) then the plot would become nonsense and would have to end. I think if Martin and Louisa come along with each other in a perfect way, then the show, unfortunately, would have to end. But even aware of that, I’m eager hoping they come along better, and that Martin has lovely gestures to the baby and Louisa.
        It’s contradictory, I know, but it’s like when we want everything to come to a good end and can’t stand the plot to remain the same in its basics 🙂

  16. Love , love this show so much! My husband and I watch old series episodes all the time. So elated that there will be a series 7 coming up. Very few shows that I have been addicted to like Doc Martin!

  17. There just has to be more after Season 7 – I will write it myself if they’ll hire me !

    I already know the direction I would take it. I would make James a little clone of his father and by Season EIGHT I would bring him in as a genious 7 year old. AND – Louisa and Martin WILL be back together as Martin has – to some degree anyway – realized the error of his ways and makes a concerted effort to change and rekindle his relationship with Louisa who he knows is the love of his life. That’s as far as I’ll go for now – but I am a writer and have big ideas for future seasons – if they would only hire me and let me get my hands on the script ! (lol) –

    • Awesome ideas, Gina; go for it and apply! You never know; maybe they need more writers, maybe one or more is leaving, and perhaps they simply need fresh ideas (always the case after writing for six seasons or more). I’d sure hire you. 😘

    • I second Remi’s remarks. Write it! Then submit your stories to the new and upcomng American version of Doc Martin. Our moderator, Karen Gilleland,posted a link to an article about the American production not long ago. If I find it, I’ll post it here later so you can read about what I’m talking about.

  18. Perhaps I’m experiencing anticipation burn-out But I have a comment that even I find surprising. I’ve watched all 6 seasons for the ump-teenth time, and this last time around, in anticipation of Season 7, I have to say, the Doc is a real bastard alot of the time. Every viewing before this, I’ve loved him and empathized with him 100%. But this time around I actually started to hate him!!! Mind you, I’m a rabid fan and adore the show and all the characters. I think I’ve watched them so many times that I’ve gone through a tunnel and come out the other side. I think it’s funny. Kind of an “Alice in Wonderland” experience for me. I’m really hopeful they’ll humanize Martin in Season 7 and give him plenty of scenes to safely practice expressing his kind and loving feelings enough that they begin to feel “normal” for him. As Louisa, Martin, and even Aunt Ruth have stated: “everyone can change……if they want to.”

      • As bad as Martin can be, some of those villagers are pretty crazy too. That’s the charm of the show.

      • Ha-Ha-Ha! Love Clunes’ comment! For the first time, I see him as the horrified villagers see him – which shows what a masterpiece this series is. I feel like a hobbit…..going “There and back again.”

    • Hi Nancy,

      I could have written this! Exactly my sentiments except I loved S1-5; it was S6 that disappointed me. Very few laughs, no warmth between Louisa and Martin, constant stress. Hope S7 improves. I have all the discs and, like you, have watched time after time. I’ve turned several friends on to the show and they love it as well. I’ve put the discs away for a while but I know I’ll look forward to watching them again in the future. I hope for a fun and happier S7 and beyond.

      • “We will miss him”. said Al Large to his Dad, Bert, who scowled. We will all indeed miss “The Doc” if Season 8 does not come to fruition, even with the faults of the character. What a great actor who can make fans love him and hate the way he is with people. I have my favorite episodes and watch them over and over until I know the dialogue from memory. One of the best parts, for me, is actually recognizing the village since my trip to Port Isaac with Blog leader Karen, Joseph from Maine, Linda from California, and the ‘Brits’ John and Pam, to see them filming season seven. It wraps up today, and after editing and honing, it will be available for the UK first, and hopefully for we Americans, it should be here soon after. Can hardly wait. Keep watching!

    • Agreed. Season 7 is still in the filming stage. Don’t know whether it’s even airing in Britain yet. We’ve got a while to wait. I’ve heard possibly late summer but not sure whether that’s US or just Britain.

      • I absolutely love watching Doc Martin….when will S7 be available on PBS???? I think I’m having withdrawals 😀…Sarah from South Carolina

      • Based on the fact that PBS in Tampa Fl has started the Doc up again at S4, and assuming they’ll run through S6, I’d think S7 will begin in the US near year end or (holiday hiatus) just after the first of the year. I read somewhere that they’ve just wrapped up filming S7. Editing, etc happening now. Then it’s released in Britain before here. Some of this is surmise but I think it’s fairly accurate. Let’s all hope for a S8 in a few years.

  19. I am so smitten with show and it’s characters. My heart aches for Doc Martin and Louisa’s longing for some feelings expressed. Can’t wait to see season 7 and hopefully happiness?!

    • I, too, hope the story leads to a happy ending for Doc and Louisa. While waiting for the new season to come to the states, I still enjoy the reruns on Public Broadcast.

    • Mamajosh, I was quoting the dialogue between Al and Bert (season 6 on DVD and Netflix) when they were loading the van with the oil from the kitchen. No spoiler intended. Not to worry. I have no inside info. We all hope Doc Martin will continue.

  20. Martin did say that he would keep on filming “The Doc” as long as folks wanted him too.
    Guess we should sign a petition or something, demanding, S8. 🙂

  21. I did not feel this way at all. He has made every concession from the child’s name, to the school he would attend, where they would live, and before his hemophobia came back he was giving up his love and fantastic career as a surgeon. She never seems to even care what he was giving up. She acts very lovely and is adorable in the beginning of the series.. She admires him for his brilliant skills as a doctor and falls in love with him for the selfless way he puts his patients first and for his honesty. Then after they are married, she is not happy unless he becomes as silly as she has become. She was very different before they married.. She knows he has trouble communicating and doesn’t’ understand facial cues, yet she never helps him by asking him what he feels right then or just telling him she needs him to hold her. He would do anything for her.. She just wants him to read her mind and let her make every decision and make him do silly things like the play group. He was the only man there and most men I know won’t go to those. It was very funny, but totally opposed to everythig in his personality yet he did it for her. She doen’t even appreciate that he does these things to show his love. Expecting him to show up at the stupid sport day at school without telling him what she wanted beforehand was just weird.The parents weren’t even at the event. He tells her many times that he is lacking in his ability to communicate and wants to do better. She on the other hand never tells him what she wants but tries to annoy him and though she knows how to communicate and express herself, chooses not to. She never tells him why she is not happy. Even when she brought the breakfast tray into his office (bringing an egg which she knows he doesn’t like for breakfast) and I thought, finally she cares why he is not sleeping and wants to help. Instead it is about her. She just wanted a holiday to Spain and when he said he couldn’t she left like an is always about what she wants. I love the Doc Martin character and think he is very honest and heroic and hope the Louisa character remembers why she loves him and learns to quit running from people who love her like her mother did. Anyway, big fan and don’t like how selfish Louisa has become. I think the show would still be very interesting if they could be deeply in love while Doc Martin stays being brutally honest with everyone and gentle with his family. It is really beautiful to see. Martin Clunes performance is just stellar. He pulls off so many emotions in such a wonderful subtle way. They are in love for all the right reasons, and to let it end badly would be like Elizabeth and Darcy parting ways.

      • Haven’t seen S7 yet. Our PBS channel in Tampa Florida USA is about to begin S6 in rerun. I expect to see S7 after the first of the year. I’m a huge fan, have posted before, and am another on board for a S8 AND BEYOND!!!

      • We in Seaford, Delaware have not seen season 7 either. But we know it will be good every character that Mr Clunes portrays is outstanding. If you want to vote for season 8 you have to send an email to this address

  22. I am hoping that Doc Martin returns for an 8th season. Please, Martin Clunes, give us another year of fun and laughs. The series is wonderful.

  23. I desperately want to find out why Martin character is the way he is (personality). I only started watching it on PBS I believe in middle of 2014, then again not really sure. But Id like to see the beginning series of this show can I get it, or rent them somewhere. I’m desperate to see the previous series episodes to fill in the dark blanks! Thank you

    • Yes, the entire series is available on streaming video at Netflix also usually offers the earlier seasons. Amazon may have it available both on streaming and at Do a search for the series online, and I’m sure you will find many options. It’s even available at a number of libraries.

    • Angela, My wife and I met him outside of the Louvre in Paris and I rand after him to get his picture. He was charming and funny–incredibly nice. Nothing like the Doc.

    • I am eager to watch this season!. I also wanted to point out that NetFlix did a great job this season by publishing for us Latin American users, Seasons 1 to 6!!! Previously I had to do all kind of hacks like changing my IP Address in order to watch this show. Finally we have access to the 6 Seasons!!! And I hope they also add Season 7 ASAP.
      I want to see Cornwell locations again. I’ve recently searched that place on Google Maps and Google Earth and was like visiting in a virtual way, the places where this story takes place.
      I’ve also seen on some news websites, pictures of Mr. Clunes smiling and talking to fans.

      • Why Not Buy the whole Series Box Sets DVD? The First Series Episode 1 will explain it all.
        I watch them often, as I have visited Port Issac and love to see the actual places in the series.

  24. One of the few English series I enjoy since a long time. More acceptable language, almost like literature – unlike many vulgar shows nowadays, which are bad influence in terms of language and thoughts.

    Suitable for all ages.

    Well depicted lifestyle and existing social problems like getting the right spouse/adjusting to one another, children upbringing and medical problems of young and old.

    One thing short here is Doc Martin (like many children from rich families) blame their parents for their misfits. Doc Martin is a very good doctor cum surgeon. He should be grateful to his parents, forgive and take care of his mother no matter what. They need not stay together but he can pay for her upkeep.

      • There were eight (8) episodes of season 7 aired. However, there was no finality in the last episode and I question whether there will be additional episodes in order to close out the series.

    • Lorraine, your point about Martin providing for his mother is incredulous considering the exchange they had in an earlier season. She told him to his face that she would have been a happy woman, but for him. She told him plainly that he was unwanted, and that he was always in the way of her martial bliss, so needy, always wetting his pants, etc. She may have said “I wish you’d never been born,” but that could be my brain filling in. It was a devastating scene to watch, and Martin was devastated. Her words were death. Martin wisely cut all emotional and physical ties between himself and his parents after that visit. He sold his London flat to settle his Aunt Joan’s debts, not his father’s nor for his mother’s upkeep. Afterall, his mother shipped him off to Port Wenn and boarding school deliberately, to keep him out of her way. Aunt Joan was more a mother to him, and his loyalties lie with her. Just because you’re successful and wealthy doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good parent. Some people should not have children. Martin, ever the good doctor, cut out the disease in order to preserve his own life. Smart man, our Doc.

    • Martin has every reason to blame his mother. She’s a vile, heartless, harpy of a woman with the maternal instincts of a block of concrete. She IS to blame for Martin’s emotional problems. She didn’t love him and made it, verbally, perfect clear to him. She’s toxic. She’ll destroy any chance he has of a happy life. Cut her loose!

    • Saw a comment online by Ian McNiece (Bert Large) that there WILL BE a Season 8 but that IPV has agreed to that one more year in spite of the fact that they’ve cancelled several of their other long running series. Mr. McNiece is not usually the one to announce another Series so not sure this is reliable information.. Haven’t seen anything official from IPV but I sincerely hope you’re correct. Continues to be my favorite show. I’m from the US; I think the Series may be numbered differently in Britain.
      In the Tampa FL area, S7 will end in two more weeks.

      • I read about the party but believe I read one more year. We only see Doc Martin every two years in the US because they take a hiatus. Don’t know exactly how that works but if there is a Series 8, I don’t expect to see it in the US until early 2018. I hope you’re right about two more Series.

      • Internet broadcast and reception is not limited to PBS schedules; subscribe to and just get the shows when everyone else does. You can even catch up on all your Doc Martin within the free 30-day trial and then quit if none of the other great British shows pique your interest (good luck).  😉 

      • Thanks, I’ve purchased all the DVD’s from Acorn or Amazon. When I need a Doc Martin ‘fix’, the DVD’s are always available to me.

      • By the use of the term “Series,” I would be led to believe that it refers to “Seasons.” This would mean that there would be a Season 8 and Season 9 (US Terminology). Am I correct in that assumption?

    • Happy Easter to everyone. I knew about season 8, but a season 9, that is great news. Hope the cast stays healthy. They are perfect. The village is perfect. Hope to go again next year when they are filming.

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