Martin Clune Talks Series 7

“This Morning” posted an article with Martin Clunes, where he discussed Series 7 and his new documentary, “Martin Clunes & A Lion Called Mugie.”

In the article, Martin Clunes is quoted as saying: “Guess what we’re going to do next series? Put them [Martin and Louisa] back together again. We’ll try couple counseling.”

Martin added: “He’s head over heels in love with her and absolutely besotted with her, but can’t function [show his emotions] in that way.”

Check it out on “This Morning.”

2 thoughts on “Martin Clune Talks Series 7

  1. Hi Martin just got series 6 yesterday in the mail and naturaly watched it to the end Well done to u and ur crew Exelent work on all the series till now.
    Just seen u are planning on series 7 cant wait.
    Kind regards
    Thomas Wollrab

  2. I think portween should build a surgical hospital for martin to run and doc and his wife can both do the jobs they love . With the ones they love .together. all of portween villagers.

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