Martin Clunes Talks about Traveling Favorites

Martin Clunes was interviewed by Travel for a celebrity travel article. He says he can’t travel when filming “Doc Martin,” but has traveled extensively for the documentaries.

Martin-Clunes_2871348bWhen asked what he needed for a perfect holiday, he responded: “Just my wife Philippa and my daughter Emily. My wife and I try to surprise each other with a weekend away to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. My best attempt at complete surprise was for her birthday about two years ago when we went to Vienna and took her on a carriage ride to see the Lipizzaner stallions at the Spanish Riding School.”

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1 thought on “Martin Clunes Talks about Traveling Favorites

  1. I can’t imagine not going on with the Doc Martin series. I am in Southern California,USA close to Laguna Beach and I would love to have Doc Martin and family for tea and let him know just how
    much his series means to so many. Please don’t stop what we love so much–even in Laguna Niguel I wait for that crazy music to begin and the show to start–my husband also. I am around the block from the Ritz which is a wonderful hotel on the beach and many more. My husband has an auto collection and many cars and showroom where you might enjoy to see how we do things in usa–we manufacture all our parts for the 55.56, and 57 Chevrolets and there is so much to
    see you would have a ball. Then whale watching out of Newport Beach would be most fun. Give
    us an opportunity to give you the American tour with down to earth people. Sorry no Mexico
    trips on our agenda!

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