Martin Clunes: An Askew View

The Guardian’s TV and Radio Blog takes an askew view of Martin Clunes in an article headlined, “Why is Martin Clunes the king of cuddly programming.” Here are two short quotes–

“He’s no David Attenborough, but whether rescuing a lion called Mugie or saving Madagascan lemurs, Clunes manages to find the perfect balance between enthusiasm and obnoxiousness” . . .

“First, he’s a leading face of the channel. Not only is his series Doc Martin a bizarrely enduring hit all the way around the world, to the extent that you can actually buy pots of official Doc Martin honey with Clunes’s face stamped all over it, but it’s rural and gentle and lovely enough to thematically fit with the type of documentary he makes. . . .”

1 thought on “Martin Clunes: An Askew View

  1. What a great story.
    Doc and Martin Clunes, two completely different souls.
    Great when the stars appreciate the fans.

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