Clunes’ African trek to make new friends

The Western Daily Press published this article about Martin Clunes, in which he also jokes about “Doc Martin” Series 7.

“To say Martin Clunes is a busy bloke is something of an understatement. When he’s not plugging the sixth series of Doc Martin on DVD (released recently), the Dorset-based actor is working on a future two-part show for ITV “observing man’s different relationships with different animals around the world in different cultures”, and a version of Julian Barnes’s book Arthur and George, about Arthur Conan Doyle.”

About “Doc Martin,” Clunes says:

“I generally direct myself, and if I direct again I’ll not be in it. I did suggest that the Doc should be in a coma for an episode – I could direct that one,” he explains. “I’ve got enough to do on the day remembering all those medical words!” laughs Martin. “It’s generally best to have everyone do one job at a time, I think.”

Read the full story in The Western Daily Press.

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