Fan Meets Martin Clunes in Port Isaac

Col. Robert Colyer, Retired, USAF, traveled to Port Isaac during the filming of “Doc Martin” Season 6. Here are photos and his account of his accidental meeting with Martin Clunes. A huge thanks to Col. Colyer!

I arrived in Port Isaac hoping to see ‘someone’ connected with the show. My taxi was stopped for some unknown reason, and I jumped out to see the cause. I turned a corner and physically ran into Martin Clunes.


Robert Colyer and Martin Clunes, Port Isaac 2013

When I realized who it was, I, who am never at a loss for words, started babbling. Mr. Clunes immediately shook my hand while I was trying to find my voice. When I was able to speak, I said, ‘We’ve heard in Las Vegas that Series 6 is the end. Is that true?’

DM Robert 2

He responded with, ‘It bloody well better not be. I have 14 horses to feed.’

DM Robert 4

From that point, I was able to stay around the set while they filmed two scenes from the last episode of Series 6. My trip was made.”

 DM Robert 3

Photographs posted with permission of Col. Colyer.


3 thoughts on “Fan Meets Martin Clunes in Port Isaac

  1. Col, I just found the Hotel Old School where you stayed when you met Martin Clunes. Thought it funny that it had a Latin Room, is that right? Great tradition to name, as well as number, the rooms. Thanks again to Karen who allows the fans to chat.

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