Martin Clunes Discusses “Doc Martin” Series 7

Martin Clunes discusses “Doc Martin” in an interview with Saga. His quote that will interest American fans especially is this one:

With series six out on DVD, fans will also be delighted to know that series seven is on its way. “We’re looking at scripts now,” reveals Martin. “Series six finished on a bit of a low. The American fans didn’t like that so we’ve got some ground to make up.”

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4 thoughts on “Martin Clunes Discusses “Doc Martin” Series 7

  1. I have a serious and unpredictable illness and among my ha
    ppy thoughts are ‘ I have to be here to see Series 7 of Doc Martin’ 🙂

  2. My 84 year young Dad and I both love Doc Martin. It is right up there as one of the best shows of all time. Can’t wait for Season 7 to air this year. When will it begin airing?
    Thank you!
    Earl and Gaye Staege
    Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA

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