Martin Clunes Backs Julia’s House “Time for Tea” Campaign


Martin Clunes supports a large number of charities. The Dorset Echo reports on his latest activities:

“West Dorset resident and Doc Martin star Martin Clunes, who is a patron for Dorset’s only children’s hospice, is once again throwing his weight behind the fundraising drive.

Friends, family, villages, businesses, communities and clubs are invited to get together and help raise pots of cash for the cause.

Garden parties, cake bakes, tea breaks or just a few friends getting together for a cuppa – Time for Tea is a very social way to support Julia’s House.” . . .


Read the complete article at:

1 thought on “Martin Clunes Backs Julia’s House “Time for Tea” Campaign

  1. I thiink it would be gre at if the people in portween you build a surgical hospital for doc martin so he could do what he loves best and louise could stay in portween and maybe have another baby and she stop leaving doc. You dont desert the ones you love. You fight to keep them.

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