Deadline Soon — Vote “Doc Martin” and Martin Clunes

REMINDER:  “Doc Martin” and Martin Clunes are nominated for the TV Choice Awards!

To win, they need your vote. Show your support for the “Doc” by voting here:

Voting ends midnight LONDON time on June 20. Results on July 8.

Cast your vote for “Doc Martin”Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.40.00 PM

in the “Best Drama Series”





pic_0584Vote for Martin Clunes

in the “Best Actor” category.

2 thoughts on “Deadline Soon — Vote “Doc Martin” and Martin Clunes

  1. The Doc Martin is the best tv show ever made I’m wondering about if they could make movie Doc Martin maybe not I love the show love visit Port Wenn one day or Isaac Tasmania too uk one day.

  2. Need the Doc in the house at all time. I am on vacation each episode and one of the town folk. Can only hope they continue to make the episodes for as long as possible. Have each and every one thus far and get to vist Port Wenn whenevery I wish…..magic.

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