Martin Clunes Up Close and Personal at the Buckham Fair

When Martin Clunes threw a party on his land, 20,000 guests showed up, and he acted

IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2355the gracious host to all — shaking hands, chatting with folks, smiling for photographs.

The Buckham Fair, an annual charity event put on by Martin Clunes and his wife, Philippa Braithwaite, this year benefited Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

Martin and Philippa, along with countless volunteers, worked tirelessly to make the event a memorable one for visitors who came from around the world.

The cold, rainy morning didn’t dampen spirits either. People simply gathered under umbrellas, popped into tents and waited patiently for 15 minutes until the sun came out again.

Literally a “dog-and-pony show,” the Buckham Fair attracted hundreds of dogs of all breeds, shapes and colors. The fair was a dog-lover’s dream.

Not to be outdone, the horses were crowd pleasers also. Martin trotted his own majestic Clydesdale around the ring.

Along with the dogs and ponies, the fair featured a ferris wheel, bumper cars and other carnival rides for the kids.

The old-fashioned country fair was just what the doctor ordered: Martin Clunes up close and personal, dogs and horses galore, and food, rides and souvenirs for everyone.

Click on photos to enlarge.

A few more photographs —




Here I am (Karen Gilleland) with Martin and my granddaughter. What a treat!












John Russell Martin Clunes Aug 17 2014


John Russell, a UK “Doc Martin” fan, asked the “Doc” to take his pulse.










Beautiful Dorset.





Martin judges dog competition.













10 thoughts on “Martin Clunes Up Close and Personal at the Buckham Fair

  1. Was not at this years Buckham Fair,will be at next years.Last years was great.
    Jane Powell,Doc Martin and Buckham Fair fan.

  2. You lucky ducky! I would have loved to meet Martin and attend that fair, they are such a nice couple and really set an excellent example for the rest of us!

  3. Karen, Thanks for the pictures and write up of Martin Clunes.  Wonderful that you got to meet him or had you met him before?  I’m sure he likes your stories about Doc Martin.  I would like to have seen a picture of his daughter, Emily and Phillipa. Thanks again for the beautiful things you do.

    • Thanks Carolyn. I hadn’t met Martin Clunes before, so this occasion was very special. No, I don’t believe he ever has time to look at my stories. The demands on his time are crushing. We didn’t see Emily and Philippa. The event scheduling changed because of the weather, and we missed Philippa, who was judging horses at the same time Martin judged dogs.

  4. Dear Karen, Thanks for your response to my last note. I forgot to mention your beautiful granddaughter.  What a great vacation for her. She’s beautiful and has a sweet look on her face.  Sorry Martin hasn’t seen your stories.  He would love them.  I know he is very busy. I’ve seen his documentaries.  I thought they were very good and showed a completely different dimension to him.   

  5. How wonderful for you Karen and your granddaughter! I don’t know how much you travel out of the country but that would be the trip of my dreams. Thanks for sharing your photos with us and the description of the fair and Martin were delightful!

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