“Doc Martin” Starring Martin Clunes Blog Chalks Up Year 1

imagesOne year ago today, September 26, 2013, I created this blog for the “insanely addicted
fans of ‘Doc Martin.’”
I had intended simply to review the eight episodes of Series 6. Serendipitously, the blog has turned into an amazing experience, and I have developed a number of friendships thanks to  this virtual reality.

Here are a few memorable milestones.

September 26, 2013: “Doc Martin” Series 6 Airs October 7, 2013” – First blog article announces that Acorn TV will stream the new series for the American audience.

36510October 7, 2013: “‘Doc Martin’ Is Back!” — I posted my review of Series 6, Episode 1 — and what a great episode it was! Romantic, funny, heart-warming.

December 5, 2013: “Christmas Memories” — I was over the moon by the responses to my first attempt at FanFiction. “Ruthie” wrote: “Oh how perfect…thank you, thank you! My new favorite Christmas story.”

December 28, 2013: “Confessions of an Insanely Addicted Fan” brought in this amusing reply from “Hopelessly Devoted”: ” . . .  Until a year ago, I had never heard of Doc Martin, Martin and Phillipa Clunes, etc. Now I know the name of his dogs, his horses, what he looks like naked (he seems to like to get starkers in his movies). . . ”

January 25, 2014: “Martin Clunes Announces “Doc Martin” Season 7″ — It was official. Martin Clunes would film a new series in 2015! The story brought in hundreds of comments from fans, who were all thrilled with the news, but also weighed in on their impressions of Series 6, which many thought contained too much drama and not enough comedy. Fans are hoping for a lighter, happier Season 7.

August 23, 2014: “Up Close and Personal with Martin Clunes at the BuckhamIMG_2355
— My daughter, granddaughter and I attended the Fair and hooked up with UK “Doc Martin” fans, John and Pam Russell. I was star-struck by my brief encounter with the awesome Martin Clunes.

September 16, 2014: #19 “Doc Martin” FanFiction — “Cornwall, Part 2” — I am amazed to look back and see that I have written 19 short stories based on this wonderful show and that I still delight in creating “Doc Martin” FanFiction.

September 26, 2014: As of today, nearly a quarter-of-a-million visitors from 135 countries have touched the blog. The power of social media blows my mind.

Cheers to everyone connected with the insanely great “Doc Martin” series! And a huge shout out to all the fans who keep the show the top-rated series, not only on ITV, but in hundreds of other countries around the globe.

To read all articles and FanFiction, go to the front page of karengilleland.wordpress.com

19 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” Starring Martin Clunes Blog Chalks Up Year 1

  1. Congratulations and thank you Karen for a fine year of thoughtful stories and DM sharing.

    In honor of this anniversary, I re-read your original blog post for this site. I often read it because it so humorously summarizes how so many of us feel about our “addiction” to the Doc Martin show. In fact, I think it is the only addiction I will never regret! Here’s what you wrote a year ago:

    “I caught “Doc Martin” fever in the spring of 2013; and by summer, I looked into the mirror and said, “My name is Karen, and I am a DM addict.” In September, I took the first step in the healing process. I created a blog to talk about the addiction and help others similarly afflicted. No cure exists.”

    Exactly right. No cure exists. The only thing we can do is to pass it on. You do that with each entry in your blog. So thank you Karen.

    And thank you to Buffalo Pictures and to the entire amazing crew of “Doc Martin.”

  2. When in 2015 will the first episode of season 7 air. I’m champing at the bit to see the new season. Doc Martin is my absolutely favorite show.

  3. Congratulations Karen. It has been, and will be, fun to catch up with you and the regulars who comment on the blog. You have become a sounding board for fan’s own experiences and opinions.

    Might be another article herein, hmmm?

  4. Congratulations Karen. Although we have our Dokter Tinus in the Netherlands, I absolutely prefer DM. The Brtish humour is so fantastic. I love both actors, Caroline and Martin so I cannot wait for the next series. And that means, I have to wait for a long time, since I have to wait for the DVD to come out in Europe… Anyway, I love your blog and all the faniction writers on fanfiction.net! Please continue your blog to keep us posted on what’s hapening with DM. My favourite amongts your stories is the one with Prince Harry.. Regards from a Dutch DM fan.

  5. I really love to watch doc martin I have all 6 series waiting for season 7 He tells it like it is and a lot of humuor with some cast I just love it


  7. Thanks for a wonderful year of fan fiction topped off by your trip to Buckham Fair! You can bet many of us were wishing we were there beside you, but its been really nice having a blog to visit between series 6 and 7. I’ve enjoyed all of your stories, keep up the good work!

  8. Congratulations Karen and thanks for sticking with the blog! You’ve done very well at keeping me interested and anxious for future stories. I look forward to Series 7, your blog, and comments from fellow addicts!

  9. I am truly addicted and so is my husband. I love the comedy but also the drama. The characters are so funny, yet so real to life. Many struggling to make a living in this small fishing town. Love the romance between Martin and Louisa.

  10. I have become an addicted fan of Mr.Clunes. After watching all 6 series of Doc Martin 6 times in a year ,I started looking for anything he has been in. I feel in love with William and mary also. After a hard day at work in the hospital and after working 20 hours straight after being on call. I relax while watching Doc Martin. I am putting Port Isaac on my bucket list to visit. And thanks for continuing the series. I love all the actors and the sicknesses they have.

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