Martin Clunes on Supporting Macmillan Coffee Morning and “Doc Martin”

Catch this great video interview with Martin Clunes on “This Morning.” He talks about the Macmillan charity, as well as “Doc Martin,” “George and Arthur,” “Hey, Dude, Where’s My Donkey,” and other topics.

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4 thoughts on “Martin Clunes on Supporting Macmillan Coffee Morning and “Doc Martin”

  1. i continue to be happy that you are doing this blog! Once I finally saw an episode of Doc Martin about six months ago and became immediately addicted, something that has not happened to me since the Mash series in the 70’s, I feared that I was having some sort of mental disorder. It’s good to know that others find the series as compelling as I do. i was so taken with Martin Clunes’ performance in Doc Martin that I wasn’t sure I wanted to see him in another role, but I started watching William and Mary this week. It’s not as good as Doc Martin, but it’s still good, and he does a great job. Thank you for doing the blog.
    Bev, a CA fan of Doc Martin and of your blog

    • Thanks for your comments. I think it is very easy to become addicted to “DM.” I watched “William and Mary” for a while. Martin Clunes is very likable in it. Series 2 got a bit too serious for me, and I gave it up. Not sure why romantic comedies have a need to become dramas.

  2. I always check your blog first for whats current with Doc Martin and Martin Clunes and I’m often delighted to find something I haven’t seen anywhere else….how nice Martin is to make time to be involved with all these charities. Besides being a wonderful actor he’s also a good egg!

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