Wishes for a Spectacular New Year!

Happy new year 2Best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and fun-filled New Year!

Wishes of peace go out to all people, especially those in areas of conflict.

One good thing all of us fans are looking forward to in 2015 — Season 7 of “Doc Martin”!

20 thoughts on “Wishes for a Spectacular New Year!

    • I’ve followed the Doc Martin episodes for many years and have watched most episodes at least 15 times.

      I live in Maine US and have gone over to watch the filming of the last two seasons. I got to meet “Bert” and one of the directors. They were very nice.

      I’ve been making a full time living for 40 years with my photography and especially like working in the UK. I would be happy to share some of my photos of the area with anyone who might be interested.

      I would love to be able to contact the production company to get an idea of when they would be filming in the village as apposed to filming in the “barn” where they do much of the interior shooting.

      I will be going over for the third time in June but I want be there when they are filming in the village.


  1. Just became acquainted with your show this year and we are hooked! Love all the characters! My husband is a “Doc” and really loves the show. We purchased the series and now are on Season 6.
    Happy New Year to all and will look forward to Season 7!!!!

  2. Karen…..can you believe Christmas is over? Hopefully yours was full of love and cheer (both kinds). The time we anticipate Season 7, I hope will pass as fast. Now the New year approaches. If Doc should end his series with #7, maybe you can keep the fans up to date on Martin Clunes. So great I happened upon your blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR, BE WELL, BE SAFE. Vi

  3. My wife and I were delighted to find this site as we didn’t think Doc would go down well in the US being as quirky as it is. We are going to Padstow this May for “Obby Oss ” day and hope to get to Port Isaac to see if they will filming the new series. Happy new year to you over there!!

  4. Happy New Year, Brits! Yay!!! Season 7 of Doc Martin is coming to us Yankees from across the pond this happy year of 2015! Thanks for all you do!

  5. Hi Karen. Best wishes for a fantastic New Year Iam very fortunate to have a great position to witness Australia’s fireworks close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is an atmosphere hard to describe. Also I would like to say a very special thank you to your wonderful entertaining writings that you post I look forward to them immensly. Have a great 2015 and bring on Series 7 of Doc Martin I can’t wait. Take care Carmel

  6. Thank you very much for your good wishes, Karen. I hope your 2015 is blessed with peace, good health and happiness, too! Many thanks for the twenty-three lovely stories you have written about Doc Martin. And I look forward to the pleasure of reading your first story for 2015! Cheers!

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