Fan Photographs of “Doc Martin’s” Portwenn

unnamed(Pictured) Joseph Barnett, professional photographer in Maine, took these  shots of the Port Isaac area. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Click here to view other “Doc Martin” photos from Joseph.







“Doc Martin” office building (right). The interior shots are filmed in the metal building to the left.

unnamedThe Longcross Hotel, where Joseph stayed. About a mile from the village.

unnamedView of the back side of Port Isaac from Longcross.


Another view of the village.


Typical housing.


4 thoughts on “Fan Photographs of “Doc Martin’s” Portwenn

    • In season 7 Doc Martin and Louise should go up to London every month to seek marriage counselling as they seem not be able to get through to each other. Louise is the problem here also.She is far too bossy treating poor Martin like one of her kids in school…thinks she is super efficent and always always right,!,!!
      Perhaps Louise should go back to her former boyfriend , the achitect…then she has not much to complain about and a new woman Martin meets in London maybe even the old girlfriend the doc.
      Oh dear I may have hurt Louise s fans for suggesting such a plot but frankly I find that Louise bullies Martin too much. About their son…no problem he can be happy with two parents family like Mrs Doubtfire explains on her show.

  1. Thank you for the pictures how exciting to see the village that we all know so well thanks to the Doc Martin episodes. Looking forward to series 7. Hope all the actors have enjoyed their break and all the characters looking forward to start filming. Can’t wait.

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