“Clunatics” Still Love “Doc Martin”

The Telegraph published an in-depth article on Martin Clunes, in which he describes a typical week-end. He talks about his life on the farm, taking care of family and the animals, and filming “Doc Martin.”

“On Fridays I try and make sure I get home to our farm in west Dorset at all costs. Even when we start filming the next series of Doc Martin down in Cornwall in a few weeks, I’ll be back on Friday night by about 8.30pm. The journey is 100 miles but after six series, I can do it in my sleep now. There’s only one set of traffic lights.”

Read the entire article at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/11362439/Martin-Clunes-the-Clunatics-still-love-Doc-Martin.html

4 thoughts on ““Clunatics” Still Love “Doc Martin”

  1. This was a really fun read and update on the 7th series….can’t wait to see the new shows. He is someone who appreciates his family and the simple things of life except for those weekend escapes to Paris, which I certainly wouldn’t mind!

  2. I am a devoted fan of brilliant, sexy actor Martin Clunes and, proudly addicted to “Doc Martin”.
    I can’t get enough of that show. For me, Ep-1 of Series 6 (marriage ceremony and nutty bits after departure from church) was disappointing. After wanting so long for them to get married; then, on wedding day to see NO passion, NO romance, only 15 seconds of insight into Doc’s depth of feelings as he lovingly and emotionally starred at Louisa when she arrived/stood in the church doorway… was not enough glory for their wedding day. Yes, Doc’s face silently spoke adoring volumes (as he starred at his beloved Louisa in her wedding gown)… then, up the aisle she walked to receive NO add’l tenderness, no affectionate words passed between them after the ceremony, NO touching between the Doc and Louisa at the reception… disappointing. I especially didn’t like that Doc gave his attention to villagers watching him kiss his Bride at the alter; and at their reception Doc’s attention focused on the crowd of uninvited villagers who crowded in to enjoy food & drink and gawking at Bride & Groom. Instead, I thought he should have been “eyes only for his Bride”; focused on how Louisa was feeling after their ceremony, and making some comments on this subject to her; some expression of desire for his son to be included in the ritual of their union” was also expected. Instead, James Henry was left out of everything… only perched on Morwenna’s lap as infant onlooker during his parents’ ceremony. Not enough. It would have been sweet to acknowledge that all 3 of them got married to each other. Maybe part of the 1st dance for “the new Doc & Mrs” should have included Martin reaching for James Henry to hold their gorgeous little son in a 3some waltz to celebrate their marriage. Yet we got nothing… but a wise-cracking Minister who seemed to enjoy Martin’s anxiousness when Louisa was late arriving at the church. Despite this disappoint 1st episode of S-6, I continued excitedly interested to see every scene to the end.

    After Doc & Louisa left church… things got even worse. From annoying bits with goofy Joe the policeman; to irritating rhetoric from & obnoxious behavior of my least favorite character, greedy & dishonest Burt Large… to getting lost in the woods of Nutterville while looking for a phone at the home of some old git… all on wedding day and night. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What was Writer of Ep-1 thinking? We have a company of excellent actors stuck with doing their best with strange and nutsy scripts (in my opinion).

    Redemption: Although Doc, Louisa and even James Henry had very rough emotional times throughout S-6; I thought the VERY dramatic & heart-moving conclusion of Ep-8 promised happier times ahead and reconfirmed that love is very strong between Doc & Louisa. Although conclusion is redeeming, very dramatic and romantic in many ways… it was hard to stay dry-eyed while watching. Martin Clunes pulled out all stops to let us look into his heart and mind as he stood hurt, frightened and altogether vulnerable at the foot of Louisa’s hospital bed… struggling to hold back tears. (What a marvelous actor he is!) I love this show with its complicated characters who are like none others. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE what happens in S-7.

  3. Love this show, I wish it could go on season after season and never end. Some shows are disappointing, yet, I keep watching the Doc hoping that he improves his opinion of people, especially Louisa and James Henry.

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