Martin Clunes Launches Website for Buffalo Pictures, “Doc Martin”

by Karen Gilleland © 2015

Martin Clunes’ fans will want to bookmark the new Buffalo Pictures’ website:

“The website has taken a while to put together,” says Martin, “but we receive so many inquiries about what we’re up to – especially with ‘Doc Martin’ — that we decided a public site was the best way to keep fans informed.”

I like the crisp look and feel of the site. It’s not overloaded with information, so you can browse quickly. Check each tab to become familiar with where information is located. The “About” tab topped my interest because it lists the half-dozen projects Martin and Philippa Braithwaite have on the table.

I can hardly wait for “Travels with My Aunt,” based on the novel by Graham Greene. Being adapted by Simon Nye, of “Men Behaving Badly” fame, the six-part series will star Martin and Dame Eileen Atkins (the “Doc’s” Aunt Ruth).

Greene described the work as “the only book I have written just for the fun of it.” The romp begins when Henry Pulling meets his Aunt Augusta for the first time at his “mother’s” funeral. She introduces herself with the words: “I was present once at a premature cremation.” No production date has been announced, but fingers crossed it won’t be too long a wait.

At the “Store,” you can purchase “Doc Martin” memorabilia from a selection of goods, including DVDs, T-shirts, mugs, candy and more.

The site promises to be a great way to stay connected to Martin Clunes and “Doc Martin.”


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