Martin Clunes on “George & Arthur,” Playing TV Detectives, and “Doc Martin”

TV Clunes 094581The Gloucestershire Echo ran an interesting interview with Martin Clunes, in which he discusses the reasons why he does not want to play a TV detective and the possibility of more Conan Doyle dramas.

More importantly for us “Doc Martin” addicts, the article had this to say:

“He’s happy with his continuing work on family comedy series Doc Martin, however, in which he plays the titular gruff surgeon.

“Shooting on the seventh series begins in March. ‘We’ll do it as long as they want it,’ he says. ‘Doc and Louisa have to have marriage guidance… we’ve got to get them fixed.'”

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7 thoughts on “Martin Clunes on “George & Arthur,” Playing TV Detectives, and “Doc Martin”

  1. Wow! Great news that the filming of Series 7 Doc Martin will start in March 2015!!! And that he would like to continue the series. Thank you Martin Clunes!

  2. Never before have I watched any program over and over, not till Doc Martin! I’ve been watching William and Mary lately, and, he sings! Great voice. I would soo love to see/hear him sing to Louisa. Thanks for this blog!

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