Martin Clunes’ Q&A with What’s on TV

ARTHUR_AND_GEORGE_EPISODE1_-5_0With the airing of “Arthur & George” on Monday on ITV in the UK, Martin Clunes has been busy with interviews promoting the show.

Here’s a fun Q&A that he did with  What’s on TV“Martin Clunes: ‘I’ve never regretted jobs I’ve turned down. Daniel Craig has my blessing!'”

Here’s the flavor of it:

Your dog Jim was wonderful in this, wasn’t he?
“Yes he did really well. I practised my Scottish accent at home with him so he would know what to expect and he was very well behaved. He knows he would have been in trouble if he hadn’t been!”

. . .

Can you give us any hints on what will be happening in the new series of Doc Martin?
“Marriage guidance are the only words I can say!”

Read the complete story at:

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