Martin Clunes: Opening the Casebook of Arthur Conan Doyle

With “Arthur & George” airing in the UK on March 2, The Telegraph posted a comprehensive interview with Martin Clunes. Here’s a short excerpt:

“When I read it, I couldn’t instantly see what Philippa had seen,” says Clunes, crammed into a tiny carriage between takes as the train rumbles and hisses around us. “It doesn’t instantly scream out ‘Televise me!’ But she’s obviously much smarter than I am, since that’s what Ed has picked up on and made into this thriller.” And a thriller it is: the plot is light on musing and heavy on investigating, with Barnes’s ambiguous ending tweaked into a more satisfying whodunit finale. . . ”

“Playing Doyle, he says, has been an illuminating experience. “I sort of enjoy… I wouldn’t like to say his pomposity, but he is quite cocksure,” he says. “There’s a touch of Toad of Toad Hall. He bought himself one of the first motor cars without ever having seen it. He took himself to war because he wanted to see what war was like. . . . “

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1 thought on “Martin Clunes: Opening the Casebook of Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. Thanks again Karen for the update on Martin Clunes. Looking forward to seeing Arthur & George in the fall in the USA.


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