Martin Clunes’ “Arthur & George” Opener Wins Ratings Battle

Digital Spy reported that ITV’s “Arthur & George,” starring Martin Clunes, was the most watched program outside soaps on March 2, according to overnight data. The show brought in an average 5.29 million viewers, with an added 200,000 on +1.

(I’ve noticed that overnight figures generally jump a million or two when the official numbers are released.)

“Doc Martin” fans will be interested to know the ratings numbers for Series 6 were considerably higher. See

Critics gave A&G ho-hum reviews, but John Russell, a viewer in the UK, says: “As for me, I can’t wait for episode 2. I certainly want to know, who was the criminal. . . .”

Here are links to the reviews. I’ve picked out a favorable snippet from each.

The Guardian: “It has been translated sympathetically and successfully to the screen, with fine performances.”

Metro: The thriller-drama-mystery’s first episode was warmly received on the whole, but there was one source of concern: Martin Clunes’ Scottish accent.”

Den of Geek: “It’s a genial drama, despite the horror-movie animal maiming, largely thanks to the presence of Martin Clunes and his East Coast Scottish purr. Clunes is very likeable as the good-hearted but condescending writer . . . ”

The Telegraph:  “But, while Clunes gives Doyle a bit of life, there is precious little of Edalji.”

Mirror: “Clunes quickly leaves his character of Doc Martin behind to play the Scottish-born writer (whose first wife was also called Louisa) And his relationship with Jean Leckie (Hattie Morahan) proves that his character was no saint.

Unreality TV: “To Clunes’ credit he did share good chemistry with Charles Edwards, who played his best friend Woodie; sort of the Watson to his Holmes.”

8 thoughts on “Martin Clunes’ “Arthur & George” Opener Wins Ratings Battle

  1. We are seriously waiting for this here in the us. Was tempted to buy an airline ticket just to see the program. It is really hard to wait for this program. Fond Reguards carol

  2. I thought Martin Clunes was great at portraying Conan Doyle.I cannot wait for the next episode.Brilliant Production.

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