“Doc Martin,” Starring Martin Clunes, Begins Filming Season 7

docmartin_avatarFans are excited that the “Doc Martin” team is headed to Port Isaac this week to begin shooting Series 7. YEAH!

It’s great seeing Martin Clunes in anything he does — we in America are looking forward to “Arthur & George” coming over here — but “Doc Martin” is the ultimate thrill for all of us insanely addicted fans.

25 thoughts on ““Doc Martin,” Starring Martin Clunes, Begins Filming Season 7

  1. We will be in Cornwall from 8-15 May staying in Marazion with a car. Do you know if they will be filming in Pt. Isaac then?

  2. Yes! It’s so exciting. I saw Martin Clunes 2 weeks ago on “The One Show” (09 March 2015 broadcast on BBC tv. No fee to watch full catch-up programs) as he said they “will be shooting S7 in 2 weeks. Meanwhile “Arthur and George” is excellent. MC is thin (not as thin as S7. I thought he was too slender last series, but he looks perfect NOW. Arthur and George has humor, darkness and much, much of MC for 3 different parts of the unpredictable, totaling engaging story. The story is very well written and enacted, rich with MC’s fabulous 3-pc suits, hats and cape coats of the day… fun. I couldn’t believe that I was actually SEEING IT on the same day(s) it screened in Great Britain. So, of course that was my “excuse” for viewing it a 2nd and 3rd time!

    If any one wants details about EXACTLY how to see MC interviews and “Arthur & George” on iTV Player or BBC Player (interviews on 2 different talk shows in March ’15; all of Doc Martin episodes S1 thru 7; his “excellent “William and Mary” Series, with Julie Graham; and the famed “Reggie Perrin” Series (which was also on Acorn TV but now in their “leaving soon” section). . . all LEGAL and FREE.

      • I have easily found all 3 episodes on Youtube without doing anything illegal. One time a soft drink commercial repeated every 8-10 minutes, but the other times I watched without interruption. The picture does not fill the screen…. but it’s definitely not illegally streamed.

      • If one word is added to your question, the answer is yes.
        Specifically, “I thought these shows did not download [DIRECT] into the United States, because of copyright. Is that not true?”

        Yes! It is true that copyrights strictly prohibit streaming DIRECT to U.S. viewers. Nonetheless, you may legally stream first-run or live-tv British (or Irish, Australian, Scottish, German, etc) programs from one of many intercontinental movie/tv streaming services. I researched competing companies who provide this service and repeatedly, iTV Player, Acorn TV online, BBC America and TunnelBear.com are top quality providers of online intercontinent streaming. Their streaming picture quality, stability, color, contrast and sound are brilliant. Although my insatiable passion for viewing anything Martin Clunes sooner, not later, urged me to rush and logon instead of slowing to complete due diligence… I slowed down enough to email and call both the 1.) FBI Cyber Crime Investigative Joint Task Force; 2.) Florida Attorney General’s Technology Crime Unit to assure myself that this type 3rd party streaming svc would not put me in harms way BEFORE I logged on.

    • We can hardly wait for season 7 of Doc Martin. He is incredible in the series and
      Should continue with a few more. They are to popular to give up on now. Possibly 10 seasons would be a time to think about
      Letting go. I think most of us feel that way.
      Sincerely and jolly ho!
      Maureen and Dan
      You can buy a series on Amazon

  3. The best news I have heard in weeks!!! Something wonderful to look forward to. Love and can’t get enough of Doc Martin and being a part of the town of Port Isaac.

  4. So delighted hear that series 7 is about to commence filming. I can’t wait to see the next series.
    If you have any knowledge of when George and Arthur will be shown in Australia or any other works of Martin Clunes I would appreciate the information.

  5. Agree with all comments,cannot wait to see Martin in another series.The best programme on tv.Jane from hertfordshire.

  6. I am so looking forward to the new series. I’m American and I didn’t have a problem with how series 6 ended. That was some damn good acting! The 4th (Louisa’ pregnancy) and the 6th series (the marriage) are my favorites). I can’t wait to see what’s in store! Will Martin and Louisa get counseling? Will Martin pursue his stolen clock? Will James Henry drive Martin insane with his toddler needs? Will they move to separate private/public life? I’m am so excited! I think when it is available in America, I will have a viewing party for me and my friends who are fellow Doc Martin fans!

    • Mary, you gush about this very unusual “real human” program starring the excellent MC, JUST LIKE ME! (Huge smiles)

      I can’t get enough of Martin Clunes’ work. He never disappoints. Over the years, I’ve noticed that a high percentage of actors have no off-camera personality, charm, wit and sense of humor. Amazingly, Martin Clunes has it ALL, when he’s “playing” himself for media interviews, and his continuing game show participation on “Have I Got News For You”.

      If you go forward with the fun of a viewing party… don’t forget to include the 2 different “Doc Martin” full length movies. If you have not seen them earlier, they are apart from the series, two different standalone stories for add’l fun and more insight into the characters.

  7. We will be in Marazion from 8-15 May with a car and plan day trips in Cornwall including Pt. Isaac. Do you know if they will be filming then?

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  8. Kurt Mosel
    on March 22, 2015 at 12:28 pm said: Edit

    Endlich – Finalmente ! No puedamos esperar mas.

    German and Spanish. Here is the translation from the sender:

    Endlich = finally

    Finalmente – No puedamos esperar mas + Finally – we can not wait any longer

    Coming from a mixed German / Mexican household in San Diego, CA of insanely addicted fans of “Doc Martin “

  9. I have recently been “introduced” to Doc Martin and couldn’t stop watching him. I’m hooked. Thrilled to see there is another season😄

  10. I am totally hooked on this series. It is FABULOUS!!!! I can’t wait for season 7. I have watched the others twice and plan on watching a third time.

  11. When do you think we’ll get to see series 7? In the fall? I hope so! Wish I were there to watch them filming!!

  12. Yeah!! Love this show. I’m in Tampa, Florida and our local PBS station is saying they will be airing Series 7 in January or February 2016. I wish it were sooner. I hope Claire Bloom comes back. Martin really needs to have it out with her once and for all. He would feel so much better.

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