“Doc Martin,” Here We Come

My niece Linda, from California (FanFiction #24), and I (Colorado) will be traveling to Port Isaac and will hook upunnamed with other insanely addicted fans of “Doc Martin” — Joseph, from Maine, and Vi, from Tennessee. Our mini-Yank invasion will be joined by UK fans John and Pam.  We’re all staying at The Bay Hotel. Party time, for sure!




This shop is definitely on our list of places to sit down and breathe in the atmosphere.

(Thanks to Joseph for the photos.)

12 thoughts on ““Doc Martin,” Here We Come

  1. Bon Voyage! I wish I were with you. Can we expect another fan fiction from you while you are away? Will you be there until the last day of filming (sometime in June or July) and stay for the Buckham Fair in late August? As always I have only praise for your latest fan fiction, “All that Glitters.” All the best, Mary Oleson, originally from Saco, Maine, Joseph

    • Hi Mary, I doubt I’ll be writing FanFiction while I’m away, but you never know. It could be very inspiring over there, with “feet on the street,” so to speak. No, sadly, I won’t be there long enough to attend the Buckham Fair, which I loved. Appreciate your kind words about the story.

  2. It’s going to be great!
    Can’t wait, and eager to meet our little troupe and to see Karen in an episode.In the Fall on American TV.

  3. Hi All, JoAnne here from New York. Love the Doc/Martin Clunes. Somebody please feed him some pasties. He has to put the weight back on. Hope he is feeling better these days. You’re so lucky to be going there. The scenery / Oceanside must be fantastic !! Enjoy every minute. JoAnne

  4. What a dream trip you and your companions are embarking on! Enjoy every moment and may you have many lovely encounters with our favorite ‘Doc’ and Luisa and every member of their superb cast. Long Live, Doc Martin!

    Thank you also for “All That Glitters.” You made our Doc shine as always. Cheers!

  5. Wish I could go with you! Cant wait to hear about your trip. Do the makers of Doc Martin know about your FanFiction? I hope so. Safe travels. Drop the message we would like a series 8, might as well get them thinking about it. I’m new to Doc Martin as of this year so there have to be many Americans that have not been introduced yet to the wonderful show.

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