Is a U.S. Version of “Doc Martin” on the Way?

According to several sources — and confirmed by Buffalo Pictures — our “Doc Martin” isunnamed being revamped for the U.S. market by Marta Kauffman, head of Okay Goodnight! and co-creator of “Friends,” and Ben Silverman, of Electus Productions. The show is currently remade in seven other countries.


  • Who will star as the “Doc.” Filling the title role will be a tough challenge.
  • How soon the show will be ready to air.
  • What channel (probably cable) will host it.
  • Will the original UK version be available in the United States.

Three organizations are affiliated with the enterprise. Here is a brief statement about each:


Electus is the first integrated, multimedia entertainment studio to unite producers, creators, advertisers and distributors under one roof and produce all forms of content for distribution across a variety of platforms globally, including: broadcast, cable, digital, OTT and other emerging technologies.


DRG, backed by MTG, is one of the world’s leading independent distributors of content, representing a host of internationally recognised production companies.

Okay Goodnight!

Okay Goodnight, a multi-media, multi-platform production company based in Los Angeles, was launched in 2014. The company, helmed by Marta Kauffman, is joined by industry veteran Robbie Tollin and Hannah KS. Okay Goodnight is a company of women with a discerning taste for stories and characters with heart and humanity.

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16 thoughts on “Is a U.S. Version of “Doc Martin” on the Way?

  1. Don’t want a U.S. version ! The reason the current version is so popular is because it IS NOT a U.S. version.

    • Making a Doc Martin in the U S will not be the same. There are a lot of people I enjoy on the show, Martin Clunes is the real reason. I started watching it because I was unable to find As Time Goes By. I LOVE the straight shooting doctor. To not have him would ruin the entire show.

  2. We don’t need an American version of Doc Martin. Leave it alone. We like the British version quite fine. No one can replace Martin Clunes and Carolyn Catz in the star roles. This is awful news.

  3. I think this is a horrible idea! Doc Martin is perfectly fine the way it is. Unless Martin Clunes plays the Doc, no other actor that I can think of will be able to bring across the nuances of the character. The American producers always dumb down shows to stupid, 13 year old boy fart humor. That is why I have basically given up on watching US prime time shows and primarily watch PBS and British comedy/dramas. They are tons smarter and more enjoyable. UGH! Give me the real Doc Martin or none at all!
    Marie M/Florida

  4. I also think this is a horrible idea. I love Doc Martin as it is. Martin Clunes IS Doc Martin. Without him, the show falls flat on its face.

  5. The Americans already had Northern Exposure, which I loved, and House. But there IS only one Doc Martin, and that’s Martin Clunes, with Carolyn Catz, and the rest of their superb cast. Doc Martin is perfect as it is, please, please, do not ruin it for us.

  6. Horrible News !! British version or none at all !! Without Martin Clunes and the rest of the cast you won’t have a show . I have also given up on US prime time shows. It is all hideous sexual and like Marie M /Florida says, ” Dumbed down shows to stupid, 13 year old boy fart humor. ” Pathetic !! Please don’t do the U.S. Version.
    Kathy S / Illinois

  7. Sorry, but I can’t get over my shock. Ms. Kaufman co-created an excellent sitcom: Friends. Excellent in my opinion because it was original. I believe Ms. Kaufman and the women of Okay Goodnight could come up with something original for the American viewers.

  8. I agree with all of the above comments. Doc Martin is available to us now. Who would want to watch another version? Why not make a good clean show other than Doc Martin. We could really use one. I find myself watching the history channel and others of this type because tv has become so bad. Doesn’t anyone get it; Andy Griffith is still showing as well as I Love Lucy and others of the past. I read a lot too. I also buy dvd’s and watch them.

  9. I would love to see an American version succeed for the sole reason that Martin Clunes and Phillippa Braithwaite would likely receive a windfall. I cannot think of two more deserving people to gain for their efforts. I ”ll not watch the program since it would only be a poor imitation at best.

    • I agree, with everybody…Martin Clunes is the “Doc” and only Martin Clunes. Once a show becomes as popular as Doc Martin is destined to become, (in America)… to buy the original will be too expensive. So they buy the rights and make their own version. Hire their own actors…They control the costs. And they hope it’s a hit, like the original is in the UK. If it becomes a hit, they stand to make millions or billions. But if they buy a hit show from another country, it would cost them millions. Right now Public TV is showing it, because it’s still affordable. But the show is gaining momentum in America. So, they need to act quickly. If and when the adapted version is a hit, Public TV will not be able to afford the original…..It’s all about the money.

  10. the charm of the show would be lost with a remake for the states. if this is what is proposed i will stick with pbs or order dvds of the original.

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