“Doc Martin” in America? The Oregonian Weighs In

The Oregonian weighs in on news of an American-made “Doc Martin.”

“‘Doc Martin’ comes to America?:  The British comedy “Doc Martin” has long been a favorite with public television viewers, including Oregonians who have watched it on Oregon Public Broadcasting. But will those loyal viewers tune in to an American version?”


See full report at http://www.oregonlive.com/movies/2015/06/british_favorite_doc_martin_ge.html

5 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” in America? The Oregonian Weighs In

  1. I look forward to an American version since Series 7 will likely be the last Cornwall version. But….I do Love Love Martin Clunes. Can he be replaced?? Maybe, but it will take a LOT of getting used to. Actually I would like to watch segments of the German and other versions to see how they did. Anyone else watched any of them?

  2. pbs has such a limited library of doc martin OR the episodes are not properly numbered. seems that fan sight talks about seventh season where pbs stopped at what they listed as season four i believe then they restarted at season one. makes me happy to see it from the beginning as i just discovered the good doctor last year!!! i would watch fatefully and with grat joy!!!

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