The Story behind “Doc Martin” around the Globe

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.16.38 PMTV Formats ran an informative article about “Doc Martin’s” syndication around the world. Called “format deals,” the process of selling to other countries is explained in detail by DRG.

“The idea to format the show came about roughly four years after the original Doc Martin started airing,’ explains Anke Stoll, the VP of scripted acquisition and development at DRG. ‘We had been very successful with selling the original show, but it proved to be quite tricky to sell it into the Central European countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Italy,’ she recalls. ‘We hadn’t managed to crack these four countries with Doc Martin, but nearly everywhere else in the world it had been successful. A German production company approached us and said, How about we try the format? That was the start of it.'”

Be sure to read the entire article, which includes information about the U.S. version. The article can be found at:

6 thoughts on “The Story behind “Doc Martin” around the Globe

  1. Yes, thats right and we need some more thank you, also when is serse 7 showen on TV.
    He’s hoping there will be more.
    Good onya Doc

  2. From what I’ve read, the show will be on air in the fall. I don’t expect we’ll (U.S.) get it til 2016.

  3. I like our good Doc Martin and looking forward to the latest series; I hope he keeps making more even with these new ones popping up in other counties. I don’t think you can beat the real thing. I am an American and it would be nice to have our own Doc Martin , but I still want to see the ones with Martin Clunes in it too. Thank you. Pat Jewell

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