Martin Clunes’ “Arthur & George” Airs on PBS Beginning September 6

AG_hires-crop-158x89Mark Your Calendars: September 6 Marks U.S. Debut of Arthur & George, airing at 8 p.m. EDT

Martin Clunes stars as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a three-part Masterpiece Theater adaptation of a novel by Julian Barnes based on real events. Also starring are Arsher Ali (The Missing) and Charles Edwards (Downton Abbey).

(No word yet on when “Doc Martin” Series 7 will air.)



4 thoughts on “Martin Clunes’ “Arthur & George” Airs on PBS Beginning September 6

  1. Hello! This is good to know, excellent news, exciting. “Arthur and George” is an interesting, compelling story, rich with detailed period settings, authentic clothes, especially Arthur’s (Martin Clunes wardrobe) & cars, etc. There’s been talk of making A&G into a proper series… I WISH! Sir Tallness is his usual charming, authoritative, handsome, sexy self (all of which seems to be his real-life personality) in this interesting drama and with ample opportunity to showcase his kindness, sincere respect for women, (love relationship with his Mum) good husband/father attributes and the rest of his hard-to-find package that keeps me swooning and praising him. THANKS for the tip about air time for this limited series.

  2. Thank you! REALLY looking forward to this. It will truly be a “Masterpiece.” I’ve watched it on utube, but the quality was not good. I’ve been wondering what would replace Poldark on Masterpiece. This is brilliant! Good news, indeed.

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