Scottish Viewers Can Watch “Doc Martin” Series 7 on STV Beginning September 7

STV, which operates the two ITV licensees in northern and central Scotland, announces that it will air “Doc Martin” Series 7 beginning Monday, September 7, at 9 p.m.


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For the benefit of viewers in different countries, I’ll post these country alerts as I receive them.

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3 thoughts on “Scottish Viewers Can Watch “Doc Martin” Series 7 on STV Beginning September 7

  1. We in the states are huge fans of the “Doc” and are waiting patiently to learn the start date of Season 7. I contacted our local PBS station here in Boston to ask about the air date, but haven’t yet heard back. When/if you hear anything, please do post. Thanks, Judith


  2. Thanks Karen, I just let my relative in Scotland know to alert her and tell her how lucky she is. Do you remember the crew talking about how many episodes there will be when we were all there? I am trying to judge approximately when the DVD will come out. Also, are you still in touch with them? I was wondering if the scenes you were in were not used because of timing, will you get what they cut? I hope so.

    Have a great day, Vi

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    • Vi, there are usually eight episodes. The DVD will be on Amazon in December. I will know more next week. Doubt if I will appear in the episode. There seemed to be a lot of shifting cameras before the final take, and we were told to stand to one side, not in the shot.

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