“Doc Martin” — Still a Ratings Winner

The overnight TV ratings show that the season opener of “Doc Martin” won its time slot on Monday evening.

IMBd reports that:

Doc Martin topped the ratings outside of soaps upon its return on Monday (September 7), but its audience was distinctly lower than its predecessor.

“According to average overnight figures, the Martin Clunes drama brought in 5.59 million (26.5%) at 9pm on ITV (284,000/2.0% on +1). This is down by over 2 million from its previous series opener’s overnight ratings in 2013. It is down 4 million from its 2011 series premiere.”

Read entire report at: http://www.imdb.com/news/ni58980487/


4 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” — Still a Ratings Winner

    • Hi Sandy, “Doc Martin” has not aired in the United States yet. It will be streaming on Acorn TV beginning Monday, October 5. Acorn, a streaming service similar to Neteflix, is available 24×7. You need either Roku or another streaming device in order to watch the shows. DM will also be on PBS later this year or early next year.

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