Selina Cadell — Mrs. Tishell in “Doc Martin” — Talks about the “Doc’s” Passion for Pooches

Selina Cadell, who has worked with Martin Clunes on the “Doc Martin” set for 11 years,Selina Cadell and Martin Clunes wrote a lovely article for the Daily Mail about her experiences on the “doggy” set.

“When I first met Martin 11 years ago now on this very set, I saw him as a tall, curious clown: gentle, courteous and very quick-witted. But I didn’t realise just how doggy he is.”

As an aside, when I was in Port Isaac myself this spring, I had the same thought about Martin that Selina expressed in her article when she said:

“It’s a tribute to Martin’s acting that he can play a dog-hater so well. After another scene in which he’s had to portray bitter hatred towards the dog, it’s so touching to see him bend down and whisper a sweet nothing in the little mongrel’s ear.”

Read the story and see the photos at

2 thoughts on “Selina Cadell — Mrs. Tishell in “Doc Martin” — Talks about the “Doc’s” Passion for Pooches

  1. Hi Karen, that was a very interesting post. Thanks, as always. While on my recent trip, I recorded Arthur and George. I decided to view it now and saw Martin Clunes playing a character so different from our Doc Martin, but playing them equally believable. We are so fortunate.

  2. Hello Karen, such seemingly sincere kudos from Selina must be very pleasing for Martin to read. Well done Selina. The article is not only interesting; but also, fun for me and all ’round. THANKS Karen.

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