BT Interviews Martin Clunes about “Doc Martin” Series 7

BT posted a lengthy interview with Martin Clunes about “Doc Martin” Series 7, entitled “Good news for Clunatics: Doc Martin is back for another series.” unnamed

“Martin Clunes’ Doc Martin is back for another series – good news for the show’s ‘super fans’. We meet the man who’s made one of telly’s grouchiest characters one of its most popular.”

Along with other topics covered in the story, Martin had this to say about Americans’ reaction to Series 6:

“Fans are apparently furious about the break-up, particularly the Americans who, Clunes divulges, ‘are so vocal.'”

He added:

“They have discussion groups on every single episode and they pull it apart and break it down, making notes and queries.”

Read the complete article and see the photos at:

What can I say? We all love the “Doc.”

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