Hilarious — “Doc Martin” Is Back in Business

docmartin_sr07_feature“Doc Martin” Season 7 (which has begun streaming on Acorn TV) has hit the right note with TV critic Ed Siegel, THEARTERY.

In an article to warm the hearts of any insanely addicted fan, Siegel describes the show, in part:

“Any work of art creates a world that sheds light on our more prosaic lives. By that standard, ‘Doc Martin’ is a work of art as well as a soulful comedy. Whatever you call it, it’s great to be able to visit lovely Portwenn again and kick back with a pint of the pub’s best bitter and all these marvelously flawed, endearing characters.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.08.00 PM

It turns out that my niece Linda and I are in Episode 3, co-written by Charlie Martin and Jack Lothian (who I’ve mentioned before is my favorite writer). Our scene begins at about 37:37, with Louisa meeting up with Janice and James Henry. P.C. Penhale joins them holding two ice cream cones. Linda (black top and jeans) and I (see person far left of photo in blue) are sitting on the curb in front of a shop.

Here’s what Siegel says about Episode 3:

“But don’t touch that dial, or streaming device. The third episode is one of the best in the series.”

You can read the entire review at https://artery.wbur.org/2015/10/12/doc-martin-series-seven.  (Note: You may want to wait until you see the series before reading any review that may spoil the surprise.)

I’ll post my own reviews after all eight episodes have aired. I will say that I think the shows have gotten back to their roots, with a lighter, funnier touch than S6.

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1 thought on “Hilarious — “Doc Martin” Is Back in Business

  1. I was disappointed in the first two episodes, but pleased with episode three. Sorry that there was so little of you, Karen. Mary Oleson

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