Los Angeles Times: A Chat with Martin Clunes, Star of “Doc Martin”

Robert Lloyd has fun talking with Martin Clunes about Series 7. The Q&A is full of nice insights about the show. As an example, here’s a bit of what Martin says on hiring Carolyn Catz:

“How did you decide on her?”

“Oh, gosh, we knew she could act, right at the veryScreen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.17.22 AM beginning, and she’s so striking looking, and the camera just adores her. That’s what instantly drew us to her. Plus she’s so grounded. She really finds the truth about everything she does; she’s very meticulous, which you can see in all of her work. But the then-drama commissioners at ITV had a concern — Carolyn had done a lot of cop shows, and really, really good ones — that they’d not seen her in something like a comedy drama, a love story or whatever; they were concerned that they hadn’t seen a warmth in her. And I was surprised that that was an issue for them because, you get that when you meet her. And I’d read with her when we were seeing actresses for the role and she was head and shoulders the best.”

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