What Would You Like to Ask “Doc Martin’s” Bert Large?

I have a 15-minute telephone interview scheduled with Ian McNeice (who plays Bert Large)unnamed next week, when he is in the United States for the American Public Television Fall Marketplace, an event for TV programmers and station executives to view and order programming.

If you have a question you’d like me to ask, please post a reply below. I can’t promise, but I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.

Current ran an article about last year’s event, which mentioned “Doc Martin”:

“In Syndication Service offerings — dramas, comedies, documentaries, film packages and other specials — Doc Martin’s Portwenn, a new hourlong behind-the-scenes special, was a top vote-getter, according to APT spokesperson Jamie Haines.”

Read the entire article at:  http://current.org/2015/01/programmers-apt-marketplace-choices-include-aussie-romantic-drama-and-mst3k/

Viewers go behind the scenes for Doc Martin's Portwenn and hear an interview with star Martin Clunes. (Photo: APT)

As mentioned in my November 4 post, a new public television pledge special is in the works: “Doc Martin: Seven Grumpy Seasons,” featuring new, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes segments. Airing begins the weekend of Thanksgiving.

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10 thoughts on “What Would You Like to Ask “Doc Martin’s” Bert Large?

  1. I would ask Large which things he shares with his character, despite that he plays the charming loser, always sneaking from the law.

  2. Hi Bert, I know you’ll remember me… Poetry Lady as I met your drama school classmate Stephanie Fayerman on the Slipway bench last May and impressed her my Doc Martin Poetry ; you shared my cab driven by Mark and entertained us when we were leaving Port Isaac and you took a picture of me as the “Certified American Clunatic” for your cell phone to show your friends how crazy we Americans are for Doc Martin. I even showed you my invisible dog Phantom who was dying to meet you and the Doc.I had so much fun chatting with you on each of my 3 trips to Port Isaac and wonder if we will be meeting again in 2017 for Series 8.I also would like to know if you managed to pitch my story idea about Lady Constance Pleasance who speaks only in rhyme(a real medical condition) to Martin and Philippa. The DVD I gave to you and Cindy of my poetry had a trilogy of poems with the story idea starring Bert who deserves to have something go right. Hope to see you on stage again and or in another series as I enjoy your work and you . Thank you for indulging this faithful fan of the Doc Martin series. Cheers Elaine Seroka AKA … Poetry Lady Elaine

  3. Hi Bert (Ian) I know you’ll remember me…. Poetry Lady Elaine.We shared a cab in PI driven by Mark, you met my invisible dog Phantom; I met your drama school classmate Stephanie Fayerman on the Slipway and recited my Doc Martin Poetry to her and you took a picture of Poetry Lady “Certified American Clunatic” for you cell phone to show your friends how crazy Americans are for the Doc Martin series…I loved all the times we chatted on each of my 3 visits to Port Isaac. Wonder if Poetry Lady will get to taste your famous Large fire brewed liqueur and see you for series 8 in Port Wenn. Cheers, Poetry Lady Elaine
    ps; did you pitch my story idea starring Bert and Lady Constance Pleasance who speaks only in rhyme( areal medical condition) Story idea is on the DVD I gave you as a trilogy of poems.

  4. I’d like to know if the young women in Port Isaac actually dress (and accessorize) like Elaine, Pauline, Morwenna, and Janice do in Port Wenn. I know my question is not about Bert per se but he must know the answer (I’m quite sure I do, too.)

    • Hi Mary, sorry, but I interviewed Bert yesterday. I can’t really tell you myself, because when I was there, the weather was so cold that people all were wearing coats. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if they did dress the way you see on the show, as the show is pretty authentic when it comes to Port Isaac.

      • Will you be writing up your interview with Bert/Ian for us insanely addicted Clunatics? I’m sure it would be interesting.
        Did Bert remember who you are?

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