Happy Birthday, Martin Clunes!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.07.31 AMLooking good! Martin Clunes celebrates his 54th birthday today, November 28.

Happy Birthday, Martin, from your insanely addicted fans worldwide!

Martin, with his family and his horses, recently took a ride down memory lane in Wimbledon Village to benefit the British Horse Society, of which he is president. The Guardian story contains lots of photos.



10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Martin Clunes!

    • Jane Powell from Grant High in Portland? My mother was John Ann Wahlstrom! If this is you please call 503-791-2391!

      I love your character Martin and don’t want the series to end! Happy Birthday we love you in the USA!

  1. Karen, you are great letting the fans see what is going on the the life of Martin Clunes and his family. Emily is a proper teenager having taken another leap in growing up. I found the same sight a few weeks ago. Another benefit he is connected to as president of the British Horse Society riding group.

  2. I wish to unsubscribe to the fan club because of my and so many others, frustration in knowing when doc martin is coming back to pbs and not this acorn stuff.  just what is the holdup and so i’m not interested in all the martin clunes postings. nothing could take this long – it’s rather ridiculous at this point.  what’s the big secret????????????????????????????  we love the show but patience is wearing very thin.  Elaine phillips…………………ejp1026@yahoo.com

  3. Karengilleland. This is Beverly Helene Smith for some reason I am not able to post to this site with the email address that I have registered with WordPress. I was trying to post a Happy Birthday to Mr.Clunes from Seaford Delaware in the USA.

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Clunes, love your work! The retired John Nettles lives nearby and I would love to see him in an episode as manager of the local hotel, etc. Best wishes and many happy returns!

  5. Happy Day and Happy 55th Year! Thank You for giving me so much pleasure with your brilliant acting. Doc Martin is my favorite for it’s comedy and for the way it touches so many dimensions of life. However, I recently re-watched William & Mary and thought your ability to genuinely portray many different emotions was extraordinary. And, you can sing! It was lovely. Last night I saw you and Phillipa on “7 Grumpy Seasons” and you both looked splendid. I look forward to seeing whatever is next. Loved you also in “Arthur & George.” Take care, and, Best Wishes from Matthews (near Charlotte), North Carolina.
    P.S. to Karen: A million thanks for keeping us in touch!

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