There Will Be a “Doc Martin” Season 8!!

“Doc Martin” has just given all of us insanely addicted fans a wonderful Christmas gift — news that Season 7 is not the end. The show, with all its characters, will continue in Season 8!

 Dru Sefton, Senior Editor, Current, a national trade publication for folks in public media, spoke with Philippa Braithwaite and was told that there will be a Season 8 of “Doc Martin.” 


Philippa Braithwaite (photo by Viola Brown)

Dr. Martin Ellingham, that blood-phobic, irascible village physician, isn’t done insulting his patients just yet. Season 7 of Doc Martin, premiering in January on public television, won’t be the last.

“There are lots of stories we want to explore, and we want to do them well,” series producer Philippa Braithwaite, wife of star Martin Clunes, told Current. “I think we’ll know when it’s time to end the show.”

That’s great news for fans, so crazy for the hit Britcom that they call themselves “Clunatics.”

Read the entire story here:

17 thoughts on “There Will Be a “Doc Martin” Season 8!!

  1. THANK U, thank YOU Karen for your thrilling news about DM Series 8!

    Your news has made my day much happier. This excitement urges me to change into my DM Clunatics tee to keep S8 joy at optimum throughout my day. What pleasing news!

    Happy and safe Holidays to you Karen.

  2. Hi Karen
    Great news re Series 8 I will be happy WHEN I can get to see series 7. I didn’t realise how slow Australia was in showing these new Series ::::::::: but Iam still hanging in there.
    Take care

  3. I’m frothing at the mouth with excitement. I really thought Series 7 was the end, and that they were thinking of ways to let us down gently. To hear they’re doing a Season 8…..well I’m going to need medical treatment for this resurgence of delirium and lunacy. I’m stunned with happiness! Thanks for letting us know! It will be a Happy New Year INDEED!!!!

  4. Thank you Karen for this early Christmas present. Another series with our dear Portwenn friends, it’s such wonderful news. I wish a happy holiday season to everyone who loves Doc Martin

  5. Thank you Karen. This is indeed a Chtristmas wish fulfilled . Does this mean itv will move forward with buying season 8 or are the Clunes moving the move solo?

  6. Please just keep it watch worthy and don’t get any weirder than some of the scenes in previous shows. We could of totally gone without the sex scene with Aunt Joan, may she rest in peace! That image stuck in our minds way to long. Keep it pure and more love between Martin and Louisa . We see enough drama in our real lives give us romance and not so much disagreeing. I’m American so don’t know the meaning of some words but evidentially there is way to many swear words. When you have good acting and great story lines you don’t have to fill it with trash and filthy language.” Keeping up appearances ” is hilarious and they keep it clean.

  7. I am soooo pleased to know there will be season 8 !!!!!! I absolutely love this show and am watching all a second time. I have introduced the series to friends who also love it. I also agree that sex scene with the painter and Auntie Joan was unnecessary. Please keep season 8 free from that sort of thing. Thanks for all the laughs and entertainment.

  8. I really enjoyed the show until Sigourney Weaver appeared. She was totally out of place. Completely ruined the series….Way to go!

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