Martin Clunes Announces “Doc Martin” Season 8

Alice and Martin 2015

Alice Otrysko (Canadian fan) and Martin Clunes, during filming in 2015

Terry Miller interviewed Martin Clunes for the Pasadena Independent, part of Beacon Media. 

“Having lived a good deal of my young life in Devon and Cornwall in southwest England, I was immediately drawn to a quirky television show on KCET called ‘Doc Martin.’ In this outstanding comedy/drama, the beautiful and almost idyllic fishing village is really one of the main characters along with the protagonist, Doctor Martin Ellingham. Now about to launch season seven, this side of the pond, Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) took a few minutes to talk with us about the zany, albeit, brilliant buffoon of a doctor.

“What makes this irritating doctor so bloody marvelous? That depends on who you ask. But for this reporter, it is just plain brilliant acting and writing, combined with a dash of cheekiness, all baked carefully into one a scrumptious Cornish pasty.”

Among other questions that Miller asked Martin during the interview was this one:

Beacon Media: Season seven is rumored to be the last, is this true?

Martin Clunes: No, definitely not. We are having way too much fun in Cornwall. I just love it there.

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2 thoughts on “Martin Clunes Announces “Doc Martin” Season 8

  1. I love this show immensely. But is there anyway possible to make Martin loosen up a bit, especially when it comes to his wife? I would love to see them in love! Affectionately holding each other, walking hand in hand. And maybe Martin can wear casual clothing on the weekends?

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