Martin Clunes Urges Vote for TheHorseCourse


The UK’s People’s Projects — a National Lottery and ITV partnership — is giving away more than £3 million to charities, and local residents can vote for the charities they want to receive the money.

Martin Clunes is urging people to vote for TheHorseCourse, a charity that helps people with serious emotional or other problems. Specially trained horses can bring progress where therapy, counseling or group work can’t help.

After seeing the charity at work, Martin said:

“I was bowled over by what it did with them. I was watching one boy working with a horse and he smiled and his case worker said to me she had never seen him smile before. I saw him smile half a dozen times with that horse.

“I could see it make a difference to him.”

Voting is online until midday on Sunday,  March 13, at in the WESTCOUNTRY section. You must be a resident of the area in order to vote.

I was interested to see that Martin is filming in Australia at the moment.

“Martin will be voting — from Australia where he is filming a documentary about Australian islands.

“But he has a message for everyone back home in Dorset – ‘Just ruddy well vote!'”

Read more at:


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