“Doc Martin” Series 7, Episode 3 Review

by Karen Gilleland © 2016

You can imagine that I was supercharged to see my niece and myself in the background of a scene in S7E3 (at 37:29 minutes). I was especially pleased to notice that the episode was co-written by my favorite writer, Jack Lothian, and is full of nice dialogue plus a budding romance between Janice and P.C. Penhale, as well as Morwenna and Al.

S7E2 – “It’s Good to Talk”

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.42.21 PM

A blend of action, humor and quiet moments, the episode spins around the conflict between Martin and Louisa in the matter of couple’s therapy. Louisa opposes the idea, believing Martin’s problems should be resolved first. Doctor Timoney asks her, “Is that how you view the state of your marriage—as Martin’s problem?”

When Ruth asks Martin how therapy is going, he tells her Louisa is opposed to couple’s therapy and he doesn’t want to press for fear it may cause more problems. Ruth asks him, “What is it you want?”

“I just want the whole mess over with.” (Don’t we all?)

In the medical subplot, we meet the affable, new Portwenn radio host, Melanie (Rosie Cavaliero), who tries to persuade the “Doc” to appear on the show for “healthy eating week.” While at the surgery, she runs into friend Alice Bell (Caroline O’Neill) and her pig farmer husband, Dermot (Ian Drysale).

Dermot is suffering from a skin infection, and Martin prescribes rest and an antibiotic. At the chemist’s, Mrs. Tischell tells the couple the medicine is out of stock but will be delivered the next day. When Alice asks her to check in the back, Mrs. T. peeks behind her and says, “So I checked in the back, and like I said, it’s out of stock.”

Entering the shop, Melanie agrees to deliver the medicine to Dermot. While at the farm, she and Alice find Dermot lying in the pigpen. Melanie calls Martin, who arrives and quickly falls on his face in the mud.

Alice tells daughter Ellie (Sophie Reid) that she has to help out with the pigs. But Ellie, would-be songwriter and singer, rebels and runs away. After sleeping outside all night, she turns up at Melanie’s hardly able to walk. At the surgery, Martin diagnosis strep throat and tells Ellie to stay in bed.

Of course, Ellie is soon up and at the radio station to sing a song she has written, “Swine.” During her squawky performance, she collapses. Morwenna, who’s listening to the show because Al was also a guest, sends Martin racing up to the station.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.21.53 AMHe performs an emergency tracheotomy. With the microphone live, everyone, including Louisa, hears what’s happening. Martin saves Ellie’s life, and Louisa whispers to James, “That’s your daddy,” her pride in Martin evident. Later, she tells him, “I heard you on the radio.” He shrugs and walks out the door. She runs after him to say she’s willing to give couple’s therapy a try. “It’s a means to an end, or a new beginning.”

In my favorite subplot, Al learns that Bert’s restaurant has gone bust and his dad has disappeared. Spotting Bert’s van, Al runs after it and learns that Bert has traded the van for Pete’s camper. When asked where Bert is, Pete (Jim Crago) replies: “That’s the beauty of a camper. He could be anywhere. The road is your oyster, mate. I did warn him it had some engine issues, so he won’t be going far.”

Al finds Bert and learns that Jennifer has broken off their engagement. He tells Al he’s carrying on with his life because “That’s what we Large boys do. We bounce back.”

“No we don’t,” answers Al. “We try and we fail. . . . Look at me. I went on the radio today to promote my business.”

“I know. I heard you. You were very good.”

“I was terrible.”

“You were memorable. That’s what counts.” (Reminiscent of  an old “Frasier” episode.)

“I didn’t know you could be so optimistic all the time. You lost your fiancé. You lost your business. You’re living in a camper van.”

“You just gotta see it through my eyes, boy. T’aint all bad.”

The two of them sit looking out at the ocean. A very moving scene in a topper of an episode.

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5 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” Series 7, Episode 3 Review

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  3. When will the new season begin in America? I live in California & check the guide every week with hope I will be greatly surprised with the beginning of the new season!!! Any information would be great! Robin Hunt Lake Tahoe, Ca.

  4. Hi Karen! Here in Tampa, we just saw ep 5. I have really been enjoying this series 7. The whole cast seemed to have been more energized and the scripts have been better. The only thing I don’t like is the Penhale & Janice storyline. It is a little creepy to me; she is barely half his age. I do like that they are putting some blame for the relationship breakdown on Louisa. Martin & Louisa need to accept that they are who they are and learn to work around that or give it up already! It is also bothersome that mom & dad are visibly older and yet baby James is just now turning 1 year old. He should be 4 or 5 by now. Come on, advance the time line a little. But those are little quibbles. I am also glad Clive is back. He and Mrs. T are hysterical.

    Also, I am anxiously awaiting more of your stories when this series is over. They always help fill in the dry spell between seasons.

    Take care, and Happy Spring!

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