Martin Clunes Voyages around the Islands of Oz

The West Australian’s Pam Brown interviewed Martin Clunes about his three-part series on the islands of Oz. Brown points out that a staggering 8,220 islands, strung like a necklace, surround Australia, and notes that Martin Clunes has flown, sailed and even kayaked out to 16 of them in search of exquisite scenery, colorful characters and, at ties, sombre history.

In the article, Martin describes his feelings about the islands57e500ee74417_b88241599z-1_20160923180908_000_gd4mtjh9-2_1-1bua07e: “And the island communities . . . I know you get isolated communities all over Australia but there is something about an island’s hard-edged boundary, it means a journey and crossing of water, either by sea or air. It just ups the ante on the community spirit and actually, in my experience, far from being claustrophobic it is only ever a good thing. There is a sense of support and of meshing people together and I know in hard or tragic times people are supported by that place and community.”

Enjoy the full article at:

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