People in the Tiny Islands around Australia Love “Doc Martin”

Martin Clunes is back in Australia promoting his series “Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia,” which is airing on ITV in the UK. He had this to say about his visits:

“My visit to Norfolk Island was quite extraordinary, because I had never felt so famous. It was like being one of The Beatles.” He said there was a crowd of fans at the airport screaming “Doc Martin,” as well as “We love Doc Martin” notices around the island. See all the stories and photos at the links below:


Daily Mail:  “Martin Clunes gets hero’s welcome on one of the world’s remotest islands because they are all massive fans of Doc Martin”

The Guardian:  “Shark tales: Martin Clunes dives off Western Australia”

Express:  “Doc Martin star Martin Clunes felt like ‘one of the Beatles’ on visit to remote islanders”

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