“Doc Martin” to Begin Shooting Series 8 in March

martin-clunes-1Metro has posted a brief clip of Martin Clunes being interviewed on the “Lorraine” show with his horse, Bruce. Martin says that “Doc Martin” will begin filming Series 8 in March and S9 in 2019. He adds, “That, as far as we know, will be it.” 

Although Martin has stated previously that S9 will wind up the series, his statement in the clip–“as far as we know”–offers a glimmer of hope that “Doc Martin” could continue. Or perhaps that’s just the wishful thinking of an “insanely addicted fan.”

Decide for yourself after you read the article and view the clip at  http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/08/martin-clunes-has-revealed-that-doc-martins-final-series-will-be-in-2019-6434941/

Also see Metro’s promo of the “Lorraine” show, entitled “Cheeky horse just won’t let Martin Clunes give an interview to Lorraine Kelly” at


4 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” to Begin Shooting Series 8 in March

  1. What? Only 8..can’t we rally and push for number 9? Miss my Martin! I won’t March for any cause but that! Doc Martin lovers of America!

  2. Iam sorry to hear that there will be only another 2 seasons of the Doc. He as entertained us for some time now so iam sure he will be able to enjoy his family, friends and animals which they all deserve. Enjoy your retirement Martin and thank you for the many,many tears of laughter.

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