Martin Clunes Talks about the Power of Being a Horse-hugger

Martin Clunes is supporting the British Horse Society’s efforts to help turn around young lives through interactions with horses.

In an article in The TelegraphMartin Clunes talks about those efforts and why he personally believes horses can make a difference.

horse2-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqeo_i_u9apj8ruoebjoaht0k9u7hhrjvuo-zlengruma“For actor Martin Clunes few joys in life measure up to being hugged by a horse. Each morning he goes out to his stables on his farm near Beaminster, Dorset, and wakes up the family’s 12 steeds. Pausing at the stable door of Chester, his retired hunter, Clunes puts his arms around his great neck.

“’Chester puts his chin on my back and pulls me in for a cuddle. It’s the loveliest thing in the world.'”

Read the entire article and see photos at:

3 thoughts on “Martin Clunes Talks about the Power of Being a Horse-hugger

  1. I too am a horse owner so I know all about getting a hug from a horse. My horse gives me a hug each day and the others come and greet me in the morning to say HI.

  2. I sure wouldn’t mind putting my chin on his shoulder and pulling him in for a cuddle! Lucky horse…….

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