“Doc Martin” Series 8 Is Under Way in Cornwall

unnamedMartin Clunes and the cast and crew have returned to Cornwall for Series 8 of “Doc Martin.” Read the information in the ITV Press Centre release:


6 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” Series 8 Is Under Way in Cornwall

  1. I haven’t even been able to see season 7 here in the U.S in the state of California!!! I don’t know why? I love the series so much & have tried to find any information why we are not getting Doc Martin here in the states! If any information could be provided, it would be appreciated!!!!! Sincerely, disappointed in the states! Robin Hunt

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    • S7 was shown in the United States–including California–early 2016, I believe. You can view it on Acorn stream video 24×7. It has also been on Netflix from time to time. I hope you find a way to watch it before S8 airs. Usually PBS or ATV rerun the early seasons before showing the newest series. You could contact either and ask about the schedule.

      • It’s also available on DVD and Blue-Ray, probably from Acorn online, but also through Amazon (much less expensive), BN.com ($1 less than acornonline), and probably a few other places, if you want to look around.

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