“Doc Martin” Season 8 Notes and Photos


“No wonder he’s smiling.” The Daily Mail has posted new photos of Martin Clunes and other cast members, along with comments about the latest filming of “Doc Martin” in Cornwall.


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6 thoughts on ““Doc Martin” Season 8 Notes and Photos

  1. Only in Doc Martin land could such scenes be deemed “steamy” or “passionate!” We’d all love to see more passion and displays of affection, so a chaste peck on the cheek gets us all
    a-flutter! Oh, well! I guess we can hope that if Doc is letting Louisa kiss him in public, maybe their more private scenes will show them displaying “spontaneous affection” to a greater extent.

  2. So disappointed. Here in Virginia, we keep seeing the same reruns over and over. No season 7 yet. PBS must not have renewed its contract. So upsetting.

  3. Hello I am flying to the UK on the 12th of June and to Port Isaac from Tasmania Aus.When is the make of series 8 finish I would like to be a extra in it that would be great.I am a big fan of Doc Martin.Regards Dave

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